Monday, June 27, 2016

Power Man and Iron Fist #5 Review - Marvel Mondays


Written By: David Walker
Art By: Flaviano Armentaro
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: June 22, 2016
Review by: Paul B.

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First I would like to start off by saying that this series is a blast to read. David Walker changed up the status quo for both characters, and it actually works! I will do a review of the first four issues as well, but wanted to do this one since it is the most recent, and it doesn't tie into any story arcs. This is an easy jump on point for new readers, and a good break in between arcs for those of us following since issue one. 

The Story starts off with a radio DJ talking about a fight between Power Man and Manslaughter Marsdale (That name is superbadass!). Caller #1 is the kid that put up the video and made it go viral. He tells you his point of view of how the fight went down. Caller #2 Tells them that this is not Power Man at all and that name belongs to another hero, but the DJ ain't hearing it and dumbs her from the line.

We cut to the stars of the show and we see Iron Fist working on what seems to be a car that looks very familiar. I wonder if this pays off later in the book. Anyways, we are back to the DJ and caller #3 gives their perspective, and it's Manslaughter Marsdale himself. All I can think of as soon as I saw this was Birdman demanding them to "PUT SOME RESPEK ON MY NAME!" He is pissed off and he gets into an argument with the DJ for mocking and ridiculing him. 

Of course Marsdale's story is totally bogus, and he makes himself out to be the victim. He claims Power Man just bum rushed him for no reason. Needless to say, the DJ ain't buying that and hung up to take caller #4's story.  He claims that Marsdale was shaking him down for protection money and Power Man flew in to save the day. Wait, what?! Power Man FLEW?! That can't be right, but he swears he saw hi m flying with his own eyes. 

We cut to Power Man yelling at Iron Fist blaming him for all the stories being told on the radio, and them being blown out of proportion. So Power Man heads off and says he will take care of this and Iron Fist of course had to tag along. So they show up at the Radio Station to tell what actually went down. Power Man explains that Iron Fist built his own FantastiCar, which he wanted to name the Power-Fist (Lovin' that name!). Power Man hates the name and is asking why there is no seat belts and if it is even safe enough to drive. We then see them cruisin' in the FantastiCar and Power Man gets dumped out as Iron Fist tried some new maneuvers and he lands on Marsdale as he is eating a hot dog. 

It turns out this was all an accident, and they landed on him after he was shaking down the hot dog vendor for protection money and a dog. So that explains why the vendor thought he was flying in to the rescue at least. And as Power Man continues to set the story straight we get rudely interrupted by Marsdale! All hell breaks loose as they try to beat a guy that feels no pain, so they out smart him and make him tire himself out using the ol' rope-a-dope. Marsdale passes out and the radio producer recorded the whole thing and posted it online. 

I can see Marsdale getting pissed again after seeing this video and coming after them again to get his revenge on the duo. Now we get Power Man at home relaxing with his wife Jessica Jones, who has been home the entire series! I don't get this at all since she can more than handle her own. I would love to see the three of them out battling baddies while we see Squirrel Girl babysitting and getting into mischief or even tagging along. I guess when Marvel rebooted, one of the things that we lost was Squirrel Girl as their sitter. 

Bits and Pieces:

With my small complaint aside, I would have to give this issue an 8.5/10 overall. It was fun as hell and I enjoyed it, but since it was just a filler issue It did not hold up as well as the previous issues. Be sure to check in here and on my blog for Marvel reviews on previous weeks releases. Until next time, DatBeardedBastard is out...


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