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Rocket Raccoon and Groot #6 Review - Marvel Mondays

Sloppy Fist Bump!

Story by: Skottie Young
Art by: Brett Bean
Price: $3.99
Release Date: June 22, 2016
Publisher: Marvel
Review by: Paul B.  Check out his site HERE

This is a series that Jim's local comic shop owner tried pushing on him back in the day, and it pissed him off!! Is it sad that the my favorite stories involve Jim getting pissed off? Maybe it's the fact that he may be my Quakertown Doppleganger and we have the same crazy experiences. I think I need to make a comic about that, but that's for another time! 

The book starts off with our duo doing what they enjoy best... drinkin' and challenging each other at EVERYTHING!  Rocket can't catch a break, and loses at every game he challenges Groot to. His reactions are awesome and he comes up with lame excuses and acts just like a spoiled brat. Groot beats Rocket at pool, darts, ping pong, video games, poker, space monopoly, and beer pong. In other words, EVERYTHING!

After Rocket wakes up from boozin', he challenges Groot to a race for their pink slips.  What is this Grease?!?  After the race starts, Rocket gets a communication from someone cashing in on a favor that Rocket owes him. The favor is to help them in a war that was going on for a thousand years and they are about to be defeated. Rocket changes up the race to make the planet the new finish line and...Groot wins again!

Of course, Rocket is complaining about losing to Groot again as the General goes over their strategies. Since they can't seem to help themselves, Rocket and Groot decide to have a game of one upping each other on the battlefield. Watch out Gimli and Legolas because you've met your match and then some.  The battle is pretty awesome and I had to stop and think that these two are playing a game and actually kicking more ass than most superhero teams do as a collective unit! It was awesome seeing Rocket blast the hell out of everything as Groot smashes them into pulp, literally! 

So, it turns out that they are tied up at 132 each and there is only one bad guy left. Who will get the final kill? Neither! The dude is so scared that he has a heart attack on the spot and drops dead, leading to an argument over who caused the heart attack. The next day they get medals for ending the Thousand Year War. We even have a member of the army ask why they never sent for them a long time ago! After they get the medals, Rocket tries telling Groot he won and they are back to arguing all over again and decide to have a final battle... 1,2,3,4 they declare a THUMB WAR! I can see a full trade of these two just challenging each other to crazy games and getting into trouble along the way. I would buy that book just for the fun factor alone. 

My son and I are huge Skottie Young fans, and if you are not familiar with him I would highly recommend this and "I Hate Fairyland" over at Image Comics. He is capable of delivering on the story and art, but on this book we have the awesome Brett Bean doing the art. This is a perfect book for those burnt out on traditional superheroes or if you just want a change of pace. Maybe we can even get Jim to read this book! 

Bits and Pieces:

When you read this title you know it will never be a groundbreaking comic or have some story that will knock you off your feet, but that is not what this book is designed to do. It is a book that is intended to make you enjoy reading comics and take them at face value. So with all that in mind, I will have to rate this book a...


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