Monday, June 27, 2016

The Mighty Thor #8 Review and *SPOILERS* - Marvel Mondays

The 1% of The 1%

Written By: Jason Aaron
Art By: Russell Dauterman, Matthew Wilson, Joe Sabino
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: June 22, 2016
Publisher: Marvel Comics

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

While I was never the biggest fan of Thor growing up, what with my love for Greek Mythology and Thor having to go and be all about the Norse side of life, but even with that I always respected the character for being a sorta Superman to the Marvel Universe....... Yeah, that might piss off long time Marvel fans...... or just long time Thor fans, but it's the way I go about thinking of things since I'm a DC guy.  So yeah, while I never got on the Donald Blake trolley, now that Jane Foster is our "Mighty" one, I think that Thor has become a more interesting character, especially since our lead is dying of cancer........ That's a strange twist on our hero that I can really get behind because while before we had the son of Odin being all Metal by throwing down the lightning to smite his enemies from a world populated by Gods, now the character has been humanized to the point of actually being on the verge of death and nothing is more human that death.  Let's jump into this issue and see what Jane Foster is up to and what threats she'll have to Mjolnir the hell out of.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

Our issue begins in a great way, that really feels like the perfect jumping on point for new readers..... and since I'm apart of that crowd...... awesome!  Anyway, our issue starts out with Thor going through her week and what she does on different days, but eventually our hero gets to Tuesday...... and man does she hate Tuesdays, which I can totally get behind too because Tuesdays are just the worst, but my reasons behind it aren't shit when compared to Thor because on Tuesdays Thor returns to Earth and becomes cancer ridden Jane Foster again and has to go through her treatments.  Right from the start of this issue, with this revelation it really makes you feel for the character because it's when she puts the hammer down that we actually get to see how brave this hero actually is.  On this Tuesday though, the treatments are going to have to wait because SHIELD Agents come out of the shadows and shuffle our weakened hero off to the helicarrier so they can hopefully ascertain the secret identity of Thor....... which is hilarious in this because the writer really makes you think you walked into a world of shit with SHIELD coming off like they know the hero's secret identity, but when we all get a chance to breath, including Jane Foster, we all get a laugh at the release of all that tension and even Jane Foster lets out a laugh because of the situation and the SHIELD goons threatening her...... because as she points out, she has cancer.  There's nothing that they can really do to make her life worse.

While Jane is getting interrogated, we head over to Bern, Switzerland, where we get to meet the 1% of the 1%.  That's right, the richest folks in the world, who hold a secret cabal and establish what's significant to the world....... and really, the ones who actually govern the planet.  We've got your usual cast of rich assholes like Wilson Fisk, Sebastian Shaw and even one of the Shi'ar empire sitting at this meeting, but the real reason that we're focused on this little gathering is because Dario Agger of Roxxon hasn't been playing by the rules of the club and has decided that he doesn't want to come to the playground to share.  Yeah, it turns out he has exclusive rights to mines in other realms and he refuses to let his colleges in on them...... which leads to a big ass fight and since Dario has been rocking his minotaur alter ego, he might stand a chance against this room of powerhouses.  Plus, they might be getting a little visit from Agent Solomon from SHIELD, who's been investigating Roxxon and Dario Agger, not to mention Thor because once Agent Solomon realizes that her fellow agents are being a bunch of assholes to Jane, she releases our hero from custody, but not before Jane hears about the disturbance in Switzerland.

In the end, the Exterminatrix shows up to Bern and takes out Agger before any of the cabal could go and get themselves hurt and for her services she demands a seat at their very prestigious table....... and it's because of this intervention by the Exterminatrix that all of the members of this group have enough time to get away before Agent Solomon and Thor show up to administer a little justice.  As our issue closes, we see that those two goons from SHIELD are still on their hunt for Thor's actual identity and that they're not going to go away anytime soon...... which is made especially clear when they get a snapshot of Agent Solomon and Thor flying off together.

That's it for this issue of The Mighty Thor and I have to tell you that after reading this issue..... and no other issues of Thor since I was a kid, that I might just be on the Thor trolley.  This was a really interesting and fun issue that got me caught right up with what's going on with our hero and sets up a new story arc with this yuppie cabal that gets me excited about where this arc will go.  Yeah, I know that Jane has been Thor for awhile now, but seeing her as this mighty hero is something that really makes this feel special and adds a freshness to the character, who I could never get into before, but now with this turnaround I find myself intrigued and as NBC told us back in the 90's...... if you haven't seen it, it's new to you and seeing our female Thor is definitely new to me....... and I like it.  So yeah, with great art and colors and being a perfect jumping on point, not to mention having a decent story behind it, I gotta say that I really look forward to Thor's exploits in the future and if you haven't checked out this series yet........ well, what are you waiting for?

Bits and Pieces:
This issue of the Mighty Thor is the perfect jumping on point for new readers....... and since this is the first issue of the series that I've read, well that means a lot to me.  Really though, if you've been on the fence about picking this series up, well jump on over already because you're missing out.  We've got action, drama, comedy........ Really, this issue is on the verge of having it all and it doesn't hurt that it's full of excellent art and an intriguing story going forward.


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