Friday, July 1, 2016

Top 5 Fridays: Top 5 Things I'm Excited for in the CW's Fall Season

Welcome back to another exciting installment of Top 5 Fridays! What a time to be alive in a world where you can watch a Superhero show every night of the week. If you're like me, you are a big fan of the DC Television shows. They make you laugh, they make you cry, they make you scream at your television set because they aren't following continuity, but in the end, we can't help but sit back and enjoy. The CW has created a fantastic universe that has many heroes within, and with the addition of Supergirl to the roster, it can continue to grow and develop. This week I'll be going over what I'm excited for on each of the CW's DC shows for the fall season. As always this list is opinion based, so if you don't see something you like, I apologize. Enough talk! Grab your arrows, capes, and lightning tipped masks, jump in the Waverider and lets go!

Arrow: Ramifications from the Nuke

Whether you liked Arrow season 4 or not, you have to admit one of the last episodes of the season really shocked the status of the show. As Damien dark started his plan for Project Genesis, team arrow was able to stop all but one of the nukes. Felicity, being the magnificent tech wizard that she is, I was able to change the direction of the nuke having it blow up over a town. Granted she did save millions of lives at the cost of about ten thousand, but the fact remains that a lot of people died. For the first time since the show first started, the heroes couldn't divert a disaster in the making. They stopped the Plague of Ras' Al Ghul, the Siege of Deathstroke, even the Undertaking of Merlyn to an extent... but now thousands are dead because they couldn't stop it. According to reports, this incident might play in with a future villain of season 5, and while that sounds great and all, I really want to see Felicity struggle with it more. She was the one who diverted the nuke, and by extension, the one who killed all those people. Make her feel the guilt, or don't have a town nuking in the first place. 

Supergirl: More EVERYTHING

I an elated at not only seeing Supergirl get a season two but also moving to the CW with her fellow comic book show brethren. Why am I so excited about our move to another station? Well, I want you to think about the other shows on the CW. Those shows have brought in tons of television viewers every week. Whether it be the dark zombie humor of iZombie, the vigilante adventures of Arrow, or the epic team up that is Legends of Tomorrow, comic book shows are about to become a big part of the CW's lineup. Thanks to the Flash's show alone, the CW throws more and more money at the show's to make them as amazing as possible. Which brings me back around to Supergirl. While I enjoyed the show, as well as many other people, I will admit that some of the aliens, special effects, and most importantly the action scenes left a lot to be desired. Now with it being on the CW, the show can get a bigger budget and have a chance to fix all the problems I listed before. With Supergirl finally where she belongs, she will finally get a chance to soar high. Plus it also helps that Superman is going to be on the show. 

Legends of Tomorrow: the JSA

Did they really have to send the drug abuser? Joking aside, the surprise character at the end of the first season of legends of tomorrow was Hourman, Who says that he is part of the justice Society of America. He also claims that Mick Rory, Heatwave, send him back in a partially destroyed Waverider to stop them from going on another adventure. This revelation makes me excited for two things. The more obvious one being the fact that one of my favorite superhero teams is going to be on the show! I knew we were never going to get a Justice league, but hot damn is this going to be so much better. I was hoping for a little bit more of a nod when the legends went back to World War II to try and stop Vandal from getting the meteorite (they are WWII vets after all). So what's the second reason? Well, what could be such a big threat that neither the Legends or the JSA can handle? Thanagarian invasion? Per Degaton? We just need to tune in in fall and find out. I know they probably will barely be on, but I hope that when they do they will be legendary. 

The Flash: Flashpoint

Despite what Timothy thought, I enjoyed the season finale of this season, especially what happened at the very end. Yes, it's an asshole move, but I'm going, to be honest: What Barry did made sense, even with the death accepting episode. After that episode, he believed that the speed force will help them save the day. The rest of the team continually warned him that he can't just rely on it, but he didn't listen. What happens at the end of the episode? His father dies and Zoom in a sense won. At this point, Barry's faith was shattered. He felt that the speed force lied, and with his friends imprisoning him, he was just done with being a speedster. Unfortunately, him being a speedster inspired many to be like him. Firestorm, Vibe, even Oliver Queen's Green Arrow, all inspired by HIM! Now we have to deal with a timeline without this symbol of hope. The world that probably has darker heroes and menacing villains... The world without the Flash. 

All: The Four-Night Crossover

The producers of this show claimed that there will be a four-night crossover. One part of me is very nervous about how it will be done, especially with the Flash pulling a Flashpoint... The other half is nearly jumping out of his chair in excitement. I had so much fun watching the Supergirl/Flash crossover this year, and to say the Arrow/Flash crossovers have been awesome would be an understatement. If I had to take a guess of what the crossover is going to be about, I would guess that the Legends have been thrown around in the Waverider after Flash changes the timeline by saving his mother. They have to go in and find out where the timeline changed, but of course they will need to stop something along the way that threatens the entire world. They could run into a Thomas Wayne-like Arrow, Wentworth Miller returning as Citizen Cold, and more importantly learn of the Kryptonian that crash-landed on earth and is being held captive by Argus. Rather than it being Superman though, this is how you bring our favorite Girl of Steel into the main Arrowverse. In the end, Flash would fix it all and everything unites into one main universe as it was meant to be. Having the four shows crossover into one epic event will be a difficult task, but if the show runners can pull it off, it could be one of the most amazing things ever brought to television. 

That's it for this week's Top 5! What are you excited for in the fall season? Leave a comment and I'll see you next time!


  1. If they can make this JSA shit dope, then I am all in. I don't even know how they would make it dope, I just want it to be dope. And I want Golden Age Sandman in there!

    1. They had his mask in the Waverider with Sandman's hourglass, Red Tornado's pot, and a few other nods to golden age