Saturday, July 2, 2016

PREVIEW: Bloodlines #4

Slice 'Em Up! Skewer 'Em Through! Rah, Rah, Rah!

Written By: J.T. Krul
Art By: V. Ken Marion, Sean Parsons, Andrew Dalhouse & Sotocolor
Lettered By: Sal Cipriano
Cover Price: $2.99
On Sale Date: June 6, 2016

It’s carnage on the 50-yard line! As Eddie, Albert, and Dana try to deal with the enemy aliens gestating in their bodies, a more immediate threat strikes during the high school football game. Now is the time in BLOODLINES when the monsters come out to play. 

Our slasher film in comics form continues, and when better to enjoy a splatterfest yarn than in the summer? Some of the best horror flicks I ever saw were released in the warmer months, when school was out and I was unsupervised. I suggest you read this comic in the overgrown front yard of your neighborhood's haunted house or near the shimmering lake of an abandoned campground. For best effect, be sure to drink beer and have unprotected sex! Serial killers hate that stuff.

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