Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Action Comics #960 Review and *SPOILERS*

Kids Always Be Yelling

Written By: Dan Jurgens
Art By: Tyler Kirkham, Rob Leigh, Ulises Arreola
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: July 27, 2016

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

Since Action Comics has gone back to it's original numbering, alongside DC's Rebirth initiative, it seems that this whole series has been nothing but fighting and while I know that the title does have action in it, it seems like too much when we have so many things floating around that are just screaming to have their mystery revealed............. or maybe that's just me screaming.  Either way, we've got a human Clark Kent running around apparently with no knowledge of ever being Superman, who also has had a few lines making it seem like the New 52 Superman got him to go into hiding...... which is just crazy.  We've also got Mr. Oz peering in on all the action from his mystical entertainment center just acting like a creep, but since he hasn't really done anything besides that, I haven't been mentioning it in my reviews because like everyone else, I'm just waiting for him to do something.  So yeah, we've got all that and Doomsday causing a ruckus making us all think back to when Superman and him killed each other in The Death of Superman.  Hopefully we get more than just fighting in this issue so that I can stop screaming at a paneled page, but I'm not holding my breath.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

Our issue begins with....... I don't know if I want to say a sigh of relief or frustration because when we left the previous issue the seemly non super powered Clark Kent was face to face with Doomsday and I don't know if I was hoping he'd show his hand a little here about him having more information than he was previously letting on or not, but instead Wonder Woman shows up and saves him..... and it does appear that this Clark Kent isn't hiding anything that he's aware of.  With Clark saved, it's now up to Superman and Wonder Woman to take care of the Doomsday problem, but before that we get some scenes, which might not be as heartfelt as I would have liked since this man looks exactly like Diana's dead lover, but they were nice nonetheless and I'm happy as hell that Wonder Woman was included with this story.  

Things on the Doomsday front go tits up though when Jon and Lois watching at home see Superman put the smack down on Doomsday and Jon lets out a super "YEAH!", which not only shatters the windows of the farmhouse, but also alerts Doomsday to Jon's presence on Earth and since this monster is all about killing Kryptonians....... well, it isn't a shock that he leaves the battle that he's currently losing to go after something fresh.  Now, I don't know if Lois is psychic or not or just has one hell of a mother's intuition, but when she sees that Doomsday is no longer being filmed on the news and that he's seemingly vanished, she knows that he's on his way to them and she gets Jon the hell out of there.  Once Superman realizes that Doomsday is no longer in the area, he figures out the monster's plan as well and gets to his family as fast as he can with Diana, while he leaves Lex in charge of doing all he can in Metropolis.  

In the end, we get some more decent scenes now involving Wonder Woman and Lois Lane, which Lois tells Diana that they were once friends where she came from and Diana saying that it will be no different here.  The fun times couldn't last though because as we leave this issue Superman tells Lois to continue getting the hell out of dodge because Doomsday has arrived.

That's it for this issue of Action Comics and while on the surface there doesn't seem to be much to this issue besides for a change in location, getting Wonder Woman involved and Superman's family possibly being in danger, it's the scenes where Wonder Woman and Superman are talking during their battle........ which usually is a pet peeve of mine, but because of how nice it seemed in making this Superman feel apart of the rest of the DC Universe and that the characters are making strives in bringing him into the fold, I found myself loving these scenes, especially the ones with Diana and Lois.  As with the rest of this series, the art was amazing.  Tyler Kirkham just kills it in this series and while the story in most of the twice monthly books seems to be being padded out a bit, I have to say that the art teams involved are really top notch all around.  Yeah, we still haven't gotten much of the mysteries in this series seeming like they're on the way to being resolved, but it's been a fun ride and throwing Wonder Woman and Superman's family into the mix seems to be enough for me now to keep me interested.

Bits and Pieces:

While the mysteries of this book don't seem to be close to be being resolved....... or even any clues given, we do get more out of this issue than simple fighting, what with the inclusion of Wonder Woman and Doomsday now on the hunt for something to punch other than Superman's face.  The art in this book is amazing as always and while I can't wait to get some answers out of this book, it's still a fun ride along the way.



  1. Seriously, how many issues can we go with people constantly saying "You owe me some answers?" It doesn't matter if you bring in new people to say it, it's still just the same thing every issue. Oz saying stuff is happening even though it's not, Jon asking about the last time Superman faced Doomsday, and people asking Clark who the fuck he is.

    It's been 4 issues of nothing happening. This is just a whole new level of treading fucking water. I give it one more issue and I'm out. If you go five issues with nothing happening I'm done wasting time on it.

    1. Yeah, after the second issue of this story where nothing seemed to happen, I threatened to start taking .2 off every book that continued this trend........ then I pussed out because even with shit not progressing, I still found things I liked in the book and the battle, even though it's lasted way to long, is pretty bad ass.

  2. I really enjoyed all of the nonsense. Can't put my finger on it I just had fun reading this issue. Although I did scream at the title page, "why are there people so close to Doomsday"!! I know I Know, it's just a title page.

    1. I'm in your camp here Manship ... I don't know what I like about this but I do like it ... normal Clark can go away though, it's like Krypton is repopulating with a million different versions of Clark

  3. For a killing machine, Doomsday took a lot of hits (4,035) from Superman before responding to Superman punching him in the face so much. I'm surprised that there wasn't more evident damage to Doomsday.
    It was so evident when Jon yelled "Yes!" Doomsday heard him. I did like how when Doomsday started to look for Jon he walked off by saying "Yaaauuuussss!"
    I enjoyed seeing how Superman and Lex differ on Doomsday's origin. Superman being utterly appalled and Lex being fascinated. I was hoping Superman would be a hair too late and Doomsday would be in front of Jon and Lois. While I still really like this book, I'm growing tired of the fight, they really need to bring this fight to an end.