Friday, July 29, 2016

Top 5 Fridays: Top 5 DC Comics Animated Movies

Welcome back to another exciting installment of Top 5 Fridays! Just in case you have been living under a rock, the most recent DC animated movie, Batman: The Killing Joke was released this week. This movie stirred up a LOT of controversy at comic con, but I still felt like it should be given a shot. While I may not have reviewed the film, I agree with Dan's review (Click HERE) at being OK at best. While it left an 'okay' impression on me, it made me think back on all of the other DC animated movies that have come out. That is why today I felt I should share what my Top Five favorite DC animated movies are. As always this list is opinion based, so if you don't see your favorite film up here, I apologize. Enough chitchat! Grab your popcorn, a large soda and let's dive into these movies!

5: Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

Let's kick this list off with one of my first experiences with the Crime Syndicate of America, as well as my first real grasp of the Multiverse since the Justice Lords. It has great action, great characters, fantastic designs for the Crime Syndicate and probably one of the most fascinating portrayals of a villain. The Crime Syndicate and other characters in the alternate world, such as Rose Wilson, is what drew me to the film. The action made me continue watching, especially with the League fighting their counterparts, especially the final fight between the Waynes. Speaking of, Owlman might be one of my favorite villains, just because of his portrayal here. We have villains who don't follow the rules and don't care for their own well-being, we see that one in the Joker. Owlman, on the other hand, is a different beast altogether, not only willing to die but was ready to end every earth in existence. Why? Because he felt that was the only real choice in the end... Yeah. Kinda terrifying when the 'World's Greatest Mastermind' thinks like that, isn't it? It's a fantastic movie, with a take on the Syndicate any fan should check out. 

4: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

This film has the unfair advantage of being the longest film in the group. Of course, unlike most of the films on this list, 'The Dark Knight Returns' story has many details that NEED to be captured, and trying to contain it in a single 75-minute movie is impossible. The story is legendary so it had to be done justice, and for the most part, I think the creators did extremely well. It was dark and extremely faithful to the source material. The action scenes were amazing, especially during the battle between Batman and Superman, practically putting Batman v Superman down with every note. If such a film is faithful and well crafted, why is it so high on the list? Well, the sad part is that it does also show a few flaws of the story that don't fit with the current day., such as the cold war setting  as well as the annoying newscasters. Other than that, it's a great adaption on one of the most legendary Batman stories of all time and it's worth checking out.

3: All-Star Superman

I love this story. Even if it had to be trimmed down to a 75-minute film, this story is still one of my favorites of all time. While it had to remove some of the more quiet and contained scenes that really helped build the emotion, it's still was able to deliver a good adaptation of the Grant Morrison story. The emotional scenes that were left in really help you feel connected to the Man of Steel, and make you hope that he can find a cure in time. If there are any other major characters that you would be intrigued by in this story, it would be Lex Luthor. In many of the DC animated movies, he is portrayed as a one-note villain; What you see is what you get. However she just like in the story, he changes as the final days of Superman begin the clock down. It's a very nice transition to watch, especially when you're used to Lex Luthor work being this evil irredeemable villain. It has fantastic action, great voice acting, wonderful animation and still one of the most emotional endings to a Superman story I have ever experienced.

2: Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

It's crazy how was single and I can change everything in a flash... Though in all actuality it really wouldn't have made sense anyway, it still makes a pretty damn good story. While this series was definitely too big to get every little detail in, especially when you don't count the major back stories of the villains, the tie-ins, The re-imagined heroes and villains of this Flashpoint world, but let's face it, it's still a pretty good movie despite missing quite a bit. It's definitely the darkest movie on this list with its hyper violence and war setting, and yes I will continue to call this a war movie. The action sequences can get really friggin bloody and it definitely could have been rated R if the team was willing to push the boundaries of what they could get away with, like if they looked to the comics and played with it more. They already show Black Manta gunned down, Mera decapitated, Steve Trevor getting hung by the lasso of truth; I mean for god's sake, we get a shot of Batman shooting Reverse Flash through the head and looking through the hole!

1: Justice League: The New Frontier

Do you meet people who think fondly of their first experience with things? For me, this first experience was actually a variety of firsts. Not only was it my first DC Animated movie, it was the first time with Martian Manhunter near the center of attention, making me realize how fascinating of a character he really was. It was the first time I saw a real world being affected by comic book characters in a fictional setting, with the fantastic story written by the late and great Darwyn Cooke. It was the first time I really noticed death and destruction in a DC animated anything, with harrowing scenes like Hal Jordan and the Korean soldier. Speaking of which, this was actually my first experience with Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern. I would later learn of his ups and downs, but for a while, this rash bullheaded pilot was my ideal Green Lantern, even over John Stewart. Sure some people might say Under The Red Hood, Year One, and Gotham Knight might be better made. But with so many memorable moments, quotes and heroes, it's hard not to put this at number one.

That's it for this week's Top 5 Fridays! What's your favorite DC Animated Movie? Leave a comment, and I'll see you next time!


  1. Good list but personally I would say Under the Red Hood is my favorite DC animated movie

    1. Thats cool! I'm just not a huge red hood fan, but i get why people do like it

  2. 1. All-Star Superman
    2. Batman: Under the Red Hood
    3. Justice League: Doom
    4. Justice League: New Frontier
    5. Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo

  3. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm is my favorite. Saw it in the theater. I think it's the best Batman origin story on film. Definitely worth checking out if you've never seen it. It is basically a more adult-themed movie version of BTAS, the best cartoon series of all time, in my opinion.

  4. 5. JL: New Frontier
    4. Batman: Year One
    3. JL: Throne of Atlantis (Don't judge me!)
    2. Batman: Under the Red Hood
    1. JL: Crisis on Two Earths

    1. YOU FOUND ENJOYMENT IN THRONE OF ATLANTIS?! Just kidding, thats great! I thought it was better than JL: War

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