Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Preacher Season 1 Episode 9 “Finish The Song" Review and **SPOILERS**

Written By: Craig Rosenberg
Directed By: Michael Slovis
First Aired: July 24, 2016

Let's Catch Up:

Last week's episode was essentially a bottle episode and it kind of sucked. There were humorous moments, hints of plot development but mostly it was a holding pattern. Jesse and Quincannon are on a collision course, Jesse ends up in custody after Donnie pistol whipped him and handed him over to Quincannon. Fiore and DeBlanc recapture Genesis only to have Genesis break out and run back up in Jesse’s guts.  Eugene is still in hell. The mayor is feeling himself a bit too much. Emily is all shell shocked. Tulip is adopting kill shelter pets and feeding them to Cassidy to help him heal from his sunburn.

Caught up?  Good. 

Let's get into last night’s episode.

Explain It:

Tonight picks up where we last left the cowboy all those episodes ago.  His family dead and on his way back to Ratwater to exact his revenge. He gets to the saloon and reigns hell on those Ratwater assholes. It is pure carnage ending when he beheads heads the poor bastard he forced to sing though his slaughter.

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Back in the real world Jesse being transported to imprisonment by Sheriff Root and enduring an insufferable lecture for his bitch ass. What the fuck is up with cops giving people lectures all the time. Seriously shut the fuck up. Either give the ticket or in jesses case arrest him or give the lecture, but not both. Root lets Jesse know what happens to child killers in prison, he seems pretty certain that Jesse killed Eugene. Jesse being Jesse manages to escape from the back of the squad car using a pen he palmed during last week's sit down with Quincannon.

Fiore and DeBlanc are back at the hotel trying to figure out what's next. Do they go to hell to take care of their Genesis problem or do they call heaven and throw themselves on the mercy of heaven's court system even if it meant that they would be separated for all of eternity. They choose the latter, unfortunately the phone to heaven is no longer under the bed where Fiore hid it because according to Fiore 'nobody hides things under the bed anymore'. I guess he never saw Taken. Quick cut to Jesse hiding from po-po holding the hotline to heaven.

Root's search for Jesse leads him to Fiore and DeBlanc's hotel room, the angels are gone, but they left behind all sorts of carnage including the seraphim from the epic battle a few weeks back. She had literally been kept on ice, her limbs removed and cauterized. She begs Root to kill her. Root resists at first but you know that asshole loves killing helpless creatures so of course the shitbird relents, strangles her and allows her to reapparate.  Root is a fucking asshole.

Tulip's plan to feed Cassidy back to health by feeding him rescue dogs isn't going so well. On top of that she has the itch and needs to get the fuck out of dodge.  She calls Emily on the favor she owes her for doing the church errands a few weeks back when Emily's kid was sick.  Emily shows up and they have a whole teenaged girl episode where they both try to show each other just how not into Jesse they are anymore.  Tulip drops the Cassidy vampire bomb on Emily and then breaks the fuck out to Albuquerque to find that Carlos prick she was obsessed with back before they made her an interesting character (truth be told she has become a fantastic character. Great turn around on this one).

Fiore and DeBlanc meet with a travel agent to book their trip to hell. Their demeanor reminds me of my own anytime I have to go to Florida. After some negotiation Fiore agrees to sleep with the agent if it will make shit happen. DeBlanc puts the kibash on that shit, this week we learned that these two are love birds once and for all ending the conversation about god not liking gays. I mean his son was super gay for fuck’s sake.  Anyway, IMO, it’s adorable. The trip gets booked and they go to the precise location to meet the bus to hell. In a nice nod to Breaking Bad the location is the same location that Saul Goodman arranged for Jesse to be picked up when he planned to disappear and again when Saul later had to disappear. Nice touch.

Emily calls Miles and Miles tries to get all alpha on her talking all sorts of shit about drinking wine and getting up in that ass later that night. Emily asks Miles to come through to Tulip's drunk uncle's (Druncle) to help her out and sets him up by locking him in a room to be devoured by Cassidy. That's some cold blooded shit Emily but that's what Miles gets for being a simp.

Jesse leaves tulip a message as we see a close up of her face. She seems unimpressed. When the camera pulls out we realize she has that rat fucker Carlos tied to a chair and she is ready to go to work on him with a menacing looking meat tenderizer.

Eventually Jesse shows up at Druncle's crib and apologizes to Cassidy. They talk about the phone to heaven and how he can't get it to work because he doesn't have angel hands.  Cassidy reminds him that they have a whole unmarked grave by then church full of angel hands and then they start prepping Miles body to add to the same unmarked grave.

Then there is this tripped out not entirely effective scene where the cowboy keeps reliving his Ratwater episode over and over again until Fiore and DeBlanc show up. Turns we are in hell and we have been watching the cowboy's personal hell. DeBlanc talks tough to the cowboy about coming to earth to help them and gets one to the dome for his efforts. Fiore goes more velvet touch and convinces old boy to come back to earth to kill the preacher.

The pieces are now in place for our finale. This was a great rebound episode after lasts weeks complete did of a filler episode.

Let me know your thoughts on tonight's episode and your predictions for the finale in the comments section below.


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