Monday, July 25, 2016

All-New Wolverine #10 Review and **Spoilers** - Marvel Mondays

Come and knock on our door

Written by: Tom Taylor
Art by: IG Guara, Bob Wiacek, Victor Olazaba, and John Rauch
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: July 20, 2016
Review by: Branden Murray

All New Wolverine follows the adventures of Laura Kinney, A.K.A. X-23, who has taken on the mantle of the Wolverine since her predecessor's passing due to a hot adamantium bath. I have to admit it, this was a book I was not totally on board with when the relaunch initially happened.  My reasons being a perfect combination of being a stubborn ass and not wanting to read another character playing Wolverine while also being hesitant to add another title to my ever growing pull list.  Well, I’ve finally caved mostly due to great reviews and Marvel Mondays, so let’s see what this new Wolverine has in store for us, shall we?

The issue kicks off like most of the other Civil War related material has so far as we witness Ulysses having a vision.  It appears the vision this time is of Old Man Logan and X-23 screaming to the high heavens for one reason or another...unfortunately, we’re not really privy to why just yet. Right off the bat, the art  should catch the reader's eye and the vision I’m referencing is placed over a distinct red background making it a standout page of the issue.


We flash to X-23’s apartment and see Old Man Logan waking up to the soothing sounds of the ocean. O.M. Logan also has the added benefit of Gabby (a clone of X-23) and Jonathan (her pet Wolverine) literally watching over him as he arises from his slumber and tries to piece together what happened and where he is.  As Logan recovers from his latest fallout, Laura arrives home just in the nick of time because the group hears people coming into the apartment.  

To everybody’s surprise the uninvited guests are actually full blown robbers who are greeted with some deep belly laughs from Logan, Laura, and Gabby.  The group gives the robbers the opportunity to turn around and leave the apartment before they get hurt because they have no clue who they are dealing with. This mocking hurts one of the thieve's feelings and as an answer he pulls out his gun.  

The threat to the group springs Jonathan, the pet wolverine, into action, but the ruthless robber fires a bullet and hits him.  This really pisses the group off as we see the gloves come off … or claws pop out, if you will.  Gabby strikes first and takes out one the robbers with a knee to the head. X-23 moves in next and cuts the other thief’s gun in half with a toe claw then smashes him into a wall as Logan finishes up the job, head-butting the shit out of people.  

As the group checks on Jonathan and bandages the team mascot up, Maria Hill puts a call into Laura to let her know about Ulysses latest vision.  Maria states that S.H.I.E.L.D. is on the way to bring Old Man Logan in for questioning because of what Ulysses saw.  Almost on cue, Old Man Logan pulls a dine and dash in an attempt to escape, but is cut short by Steve Rogers Captain America as he states to Logan they, “need to chat.”  Meanwhile inside, we see Maria Hill break the news to X-23 that Ulysses vision was of Old Man Logan killing Gabby. That’s how Mr. Taylor leaves things until next month’s adventures. 

My stubborn ways have failed me in this instance because I thoroughly enjoyed the hell out of this issue.  Laura, in the little I’ve read of this book so far, has the perfect attitude and encapsulates the aura of Wolverine perfectly.  The cast of characters involved, guest star Old Man Logan, as well as series regulars Laura, Gabby, and Jonathan the pet Wolverine are charming and dangerous all at the same time. This is the perfect comic book combination to make something work in my opinion because you always want more, wonder what’s next, and never are sure what the characters will do or say which keeps this fresh and interesting.  

Tom Taylor and his art team (IG Guara, Bob Wiacek, Victor Olazaba, and John Rauch) have a gem on their hands. There wasn’t a ton of action but there were great character moments where you could feel relationships blossoming and excellent art to get a sense of everything going on.  

Bits and Pieces:

I was engrossed from the second I picked up this title until the second I put it down. Then, just for safe measure, I picked it up and read it again to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.  This is the magic that Marvel needs to capture more and I want to read and experience way more often. All-New Wolverine has it all, is worth the price of admission, and your attention.


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  1. The line work was great on the art, but there were some serious inconsistencies in the coloring. The Wolverine costume ESPECIALLY has a lot of errors throughout the issue (the stripes on the sides disappear, reappear, and change in number, in a couple panels Laura's arms are bare like the classic Wolverine suit, while in others they're covered like in her ACTUAL design, etc.) A few panels make Laura look like she's 40-something, rather than the 18-20 she's supposed to be.

    It really was a step down from the art team for the previous three issues.