Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Detective Comics #936 Review

Heart Breaker

Written by: James Tynion IV
Art by: Alvaro Martinez, Raul Fernandez, Brad Anderson and Marilyn Patrizio
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: July 13, 2016

Detective Comics has been one of my favorite books since Rebirth started, so it's weird for me to say that this issue means a lot to me going forward.  I need some more action and I need it now!  I love seeing a team come together and hum great montage songs as they train, but nothing beats seeing them taking it to the streets and kicking bad guy ass!  The way last issue ended, it is almost a certainty that we will get some of that this issue, right?  I mean, Batman looked like he was going to be on the losing end of a 50 on 1 street brawl and I've been waiting weeks to see it play out.  The wait is over and now that I've read it, are my dreams being answered by James Tynion IV?  Let's find out...

The issue opens with a Kate Kane monologue/flashback that showed her days in the military and more importantly, how to lead men and women.  It's kind of a tough love thing and if you are a Batwoman fan like myself, I think you will love it.  Then when you see who she is talking to, you may just squeal with delight.  I pretty much did!

The walk down memory lane ends with Kate alone, but soon Red Robin calls to break the silence and he's got some really bad news...Batman has been beaten up worse than a young kid minding his own business on the boardwalk.  If you don't listen to our podcast, I'm sorry for the obscure reference and I'll put it in easier to understand words...they beat the shit out of Batman!

We then get one of the best scenes I've read with Red Robin ever as he tells Kate exactly why everyone who get close to Batman gets completely pissed off at him...but the important thing is that he let them get close in the first place.  Then, we get the start of what I've been waiting for...Team Detective Assemble!!!

The Team gets the call and it's fun to see what each is doing (especially Clayface) when they get the signal.  Clayface continues being the comedy relief , but things get a bit more serious when we see who else Kate has called in to help.  I am starting to wonder if Tim telling us how Batman knows people is a play on how Kate can be totally blind to what is right in front of her face.  After they are given full disclosure about what The Colony has been doing, Tim wracks his brain trying to figure out the hows and the whys, but is distracted by the fact that not everyone on the team has shown up.

As the issue ends, we see exactly what is happening  and it's a cliffhanger full of betrayal, revenge and the promise of a battle royale in the Belfry next issue.  I think everyone saw the big twist coming, but that doesn't make it any less infuriating or heartbreaking.

While I never lost faith in this book or James Tynion, this issue has me settling in for the long haul with this book.  I know I yelled for action and we do get some here, but it was the dialogue and character work that won me over again and the way that Tynion led to the twist was damn good as well.

Alvaro Martinez jumps on the book and he doesn't miss a beat.  Everything looks fantastic and it really is a toss up between him and Eddie Barrows.  I'm sure that people will fully realize that when this book is collected down the line.  I hope all of the books have this kind of luck.

Bits and Pieces:

James Tynion IV continues nailing this book and this issue is a great combination of story, art and character work.  I know I'm loving what we've been getting because we haven't had a whole lot of Batman and I haven't really noticed it and am fine with it now that I realize.  I really can't recommend this series enough.



  1. I think Tynion knows what he's doing in regards to not showing the team all fighting at once. You know how in the Avengers, the main characters were never all on screen at the same time until that 360 shot during the final battle? I think he's doing something like that. Building anticipation until the final three issues, since it sounds like they'll be throwing down with the Colony for sure by #938.

    Tim and Kate building up a bit of a rapport made me happy, and I *love* how well the reveal perfectly slots into Kate's backstory. It's so smart. This series is on fire!

    1. I'm loving it...and boy, when they do start fighting together it will be so good!

  2. This book makes me as happy as Jim locked in a room with a sears catalogue a.k.a. a tablet for the young guns of the world. You were right about the villian being telegraphed but I also just didn't care it was done so well with reasoning . CLAYFACE League probably wet their pants at the end.

  3. That ending has me so hyped for the next issue. Which is starting to become a rarity among my pull list lately. I wonder what Kate is going to do about this. Can she salvage her relationship with her father? And better yet, Do I Want Him to stay the Antagonist of this story? Yes! Only down side was how batman went down, Tynion could have made it a little more believable for the worlds greatest dectective/Strategist/Combatent.
    8/10 Tynion keep it up:)

  4. This is turning out to be my favorite book of Rebirth. This issue was so damn good.

    1. I agree with you Repairman, this might be my favorite book right now! Feels weird saying that as this is my first time every reading a Detective Comics series. So of course I am lost on lots of stuff. Why was Kate discharged from the army??

    2. Because she is gay...they are really skirting the issue here

    3. Because she is gay...they are really skirting the issue here

  5. Ok, I was kind of screaming at this book (Kate, mostly), "KATE, KATE, KATE, how are you inviting your father to the freaking Batcave???" After the way she left him in the last issue? Didn't he practically INVITE her to join him in The Colony?? Or did I dream that? Ok maybe he didn't actually SAY the name, The Colony. But she knew the name. She knows her father. Shouldn't she have been able to DETECT that? This is DETECTIVE Comics. Is it not?

    1. Batman did this on purpose! He knew Kane would not kill him/them. Who did he pre-go get to come save their asses?

    2. Well, back in Elegy she didn't notice that Alice was her sister despite getting several good looks at her face (even with makeup) and the fact that they're identical twins. Her sister was supposed to be dead, so it didn't occur to her. Just like now. It wouldn't have occurred to her that her dad's leading a massive Bat-themed paramilitary group. She and Jacob are just getting over an extremely rocky period in their relationship, so she may have not picked up on it due to being desperate to repair things. He's really the only family she has left, after all.
      Plus, she wanted his expertise and advise, and since both she and Batman trusted him, she didn't think it would be a big deal to bring him along.