Monday, July 11, 2016

My Favorite Things w/o 7/11/2016 - Just For The Hell Of It Monday

Welcome back to my weekly list of things I love that you should love too for the week of July 11, 2016. 

1. Squatty Potty: I am probably super late on this because everyone I show it to is all like "oh yeah the thing with the unicorn right?" well fuck you all for not showing me this before this weekend, and thanks to my friend Mitch from Pig Food Records for being awesome enough to show me the light. If you haven't witnessed this life altering infomercial, do yourself a favor and dive in, head first, and behold the beauty of perfection. 

2. Deathgasm: Like heavy metal?  Like Evil Dead style horror romps?  Then rush your bloated carcass over to Netflix and enjoy this absolute gem of a film. I watched it while nursing a hangover and by the end I was up to do things like shower, poop, and eat brunch. Deathgasm has those kind of regenerative powers bruh. 

3. Invisibilia Podcast: Invisibilia has become my favorite podcast as of late and it should be your's as well. Invisibilia takes a slanted look at the outside/invisible forces that influence our lives. Jam-stuffed with all sorts of NPR voices and This American Life storytelling, Invisibilia leaves the listener feeling ready to go to a dinner party with fresh as fuck information that all those other soccer moms and dead on the inside dads will be envious of your knowledge game. So be the best person every night. You can get this fucker here.

4. Moses Rockwell: I spent a shit ton of time in the car this week going back and forth to rehearsals and driving to Albany for a show. Much of this time was spent with the adorably awesome Moses Rockwell in the system. Dude is the kind of rapper I always fall in love with - a bit of an oddball, skilled out the ass, off-centered perspective, personal and clever, oh and did I mention dope as fuck?  Moses just release a stellar collection of music, three albums titled Dweeb 1, 2, and 3. I suggest you dig in deep bro, if you ever loved rap it is the dude for you. If you never loved rap, you are probably an asshole. 

Quick programming note, I will have The Preacher recap up later in the week. 


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