Sunday, July 10, 2016

Ninjak #17 Review - Just for the Hell of It Review

BLOODerfly Kisses

Writer: Matt Kindt

Art: Diego Bernard, Allison Rodriguez, Ulises Arreola, Andrew Dalhouse and Dave Sharpe

Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: July 13, 2016
Publisher: Valiant Comics
Review by: Branden Murray

Alright, I’m going to ask everyone to slowly put down their phones and back away from this Pokemon GO app everybody’s so obsessed with because I have an urgent newsflash. I’m back with more Ninjak people because who doesn’t love Valiant's paid to hire ninja assassin?  If you’re not familiar with my cold blooded buddy you guys need to get on this already crowded trolley because you’re missing out on some serious comic book greatness.  So, without further ado let’s get into our latest chapter of Ninjak the Siege of King's Castle Part 4.

If you remember, last issue ended with our hero in a precarious position at the hands of Roku, a Medusa-esque villain, because you know hair powers, with connections to Ninjak's past. We start right off in this month’s release with Roku planting a firm, but delicate smooch on our hero’s bloody and broken lips.  Now I don’t know about you people, but this seems like odd villainous behavior to me. I usually don’t see the bad guys going around making out with the people whose asses they just kicked, but women are complicated … am I right fellas? 

 Anyway, along with the kiss comes a flashback and we see that Roku was really a woman formally named Angelina who was wronged in her mind by Ninjak. You see Angelina was the MI-6 agent responsible for training Ninjak in the past. This of course led to sexy time between the two spies, mostly because Ninjak has the charms of James Bond and the abs of AC Slater. I can relate to Angelina here...that’s a total package that can be difficult for anybody to resist, mama.
Now, back to business, as we see this choice turns out to not be such a wise one for these two love birds and the resulting aftermath turns Angelina into a target. These consequences result in her becoming “a cruel sacrifice to an unspeakable evil”.  This sacrifice and its subsequent trials actually turn Angelina into Roku, and later one part of the Shadow Seven. This all comes back to Ninjak because the Shadow Seven is a group Ninjak begins to systematically take down one by one from the inside, but we learn he doesn’t get them all as one is Roku.

As we are eased back into the present, Roku is done with the kissing and continues on with the smack down as these two star-crossed lovers sort through their complicated past together.  Ninjak insists he did all he could to avenge Angelina as he tries to regain his composure to continue the battle.  Just as things look bleak for our hero we see someone emerge from the shadows with some last second aid. 
This cover provides Ninjak the time he needs to escape … but at what expense?  As the issue winds down, we see Ninjak trying to move forward from all that has happened since his life was systematically destroyed by Roku. The reader is also being treated to a few other things I don’t want to totally spoil as well, including a backup story involving Ninjak’’s parents that ties things together for us. You’ll have to wait until Wednesday for all of that, though.
Ninjak continues to be a story I cant wait for more of.  Matt Kindt does a great job of making this a must read action packed comic each and every month.  The dialogue is tight and the story is extremely intriguing and both things are huge compliments that I can’t state strongly enough. This isn’t just a strong issue or run...this is a flat out awesome series you need to give some attention to right away!
The art remains gritty and realistic with no shortage of well-drawn panels and action sequences to keep you on your toes looking forward to more with each turn of the page. It is such a violent and bloody book and yet, I think it looks fantastic.  Don't judge me until you give it a look yourself.
Bits and Pieces:
I can’t recommended strongly enough if this is something you’re on the fence about trying that you need to jump in … Pokemon GO will still be there when you’re done reading I promise.  


  1. Skipping over the date of this made me think I had missed an issue and sent me on a hunt for the chapter only to return after not finding it anywhere. Damn you. I look forward to what sounds like a great issue though.

    1. I didn't put advance tag on it to mess with you and only you...or I forgot!