Thursday, July 14, 2016

Vertigo Announces The Lost Boys Comic Book Sequel

Everything is coming up Milhouse this week for me with all the announcements from DC Comics about their upcoming mini-series set to hit this Fall, but who could have guessed that Vertigo would go and blow all of that out of the water by announcing a sequel to one of the best vampire flicks ever made...... The Lost Boys.  Yeah, people nowadays might have a hard time getting on board a movie that is drenched in the 80's the way this one is, but really, all you have to do is get to the epic sax man and you'll be hooked for life.  I know we don't review a ton of Vertigo books over here in Weird Science land, but since I've been rocking a headband like Corey Feldman's character Edgar Frog since I first saw this flick........ I can't wait to read and review this book.  Check out all the news going on right now about this comic that may or may not screw up the continuity to the Lost Boys: The Tribe and Lost Boys: The Thirst.


THE LOST BOYS never grow old, never die, and have a new miniseries from Vertigo on behalf of Warner Bros. Consumer Productshitting shelves October 12. The stakes are high in this nostalgic and unstoppable sequel to the ’80s cult classic vampire film. Featuring the surviving characters from the film, THE LOST BOYS comic book is being crafted by horror veterans, writer Tim Seeley (GRAYSON, NIGHTWING, Hack/Slash) and artists Scott Godlewski (THE DARK & BLOODY, Copperhead) and Patricia Mulvihill (THE DARK & BLOODY, HELLBLAZER), with covers by Tony Harris. The team will deliver a gruesome and stylish return to the bloody boardwalks and big hair of 1987.  

Santa Carla, California, is on edge. The eccentric coastal town and haven for the undead was finally returning to “normal” after its last supernatural scuffle left the local vampire coven’s leader dead and gave newcomers Michael and Sam Emerson a housewarming both violent and bizarre. Now the brothers must once again team up with militant vampire hunters Edgar and Allan Frog as a new gang of ruthless, stunning, life-sucking nightcrawlers known as the Blood Belles emerges from the aftermath to collect Michael’s love interest and their lost sister, Star.

"I saw The Lost Boys at a formative time in my life, when a VHS, a VCR and a summer afternoon were a perfect escape into a crazy world of biker vampires with mullets and monster-fighting hippy grandpas,” explains writer Tim Seeley. “The Lost Boys was one of my entry points into the horror genre, and I've been fascinated ever since. Getting the chance to write a sequel to the film, featuring the original characters, and getting to work with Scott, Patricia and Tony is truly a high point in my comic book-making career."

"I hadn’t revisited the film until after becoming involved with this project and totally understood the fascination and the reason for the devoted cult following," explains artist Scott Godlewski. "My artistic approach to the series is all about keeping the lighter moments light so that when the blood and guts show up they hit you like a hammer."

The first issue of this monthly miniseries from Vertigo on behalf of Warner Bros. Consumer Products will be available on October 12. Check for updates.

Oh man, I can't wait!


  1. Wow , I was feeling really weird about still having the entire soundtrack to this movie loaded on my phone, but now I feel justified!
    Seriously, this was just one of the best ever80s movies (and soundtracks), but much like the original Highlander, I refuse to recognize the sequels.

    Unnecessary Geek note: In my happiest connective conspiracy theories, I like to think that the Frog brothers are the guys that trained Charles Gunn in the Whedon universe. I know it's not the continuity, but I love the whole Cali-Vampire connection.


    1. Awesome soundtrack...Good Times by INXS and Jimmy Barnes is my favorite song. I agree about the sequels...Eric likes the though and we have a bunch of Frog Brothers theories, but I like your Gunn theory