Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Preacher Season 1 Episode 7 “He's Gone" Review and **SPOILERS**

Written By: Mary Laws
Directed By: Michael Morris
First Aired: July 10, 2016

Let's Catch Up:

Last week Preacher really took off and realized its early potential. Jesse learned that the thing inside him was not the voice of God but something called Genesis which is the love spawn of an angel and demon who were tasted that doomed Romeo and Juliet style loving and couldn't resist, Forbidden fruit and all. We also got one of the greatest action sequences ever to appear on the small screen. Tulip became a real life likable character as opposed to a bad accent that looks great smoking a cigarette. Jesse started to feel himself a bit too much and planned to use the voice to make the town good but unfortunately for poor Eugene he let his anger get the best of him and Jesse accidentally sent Eugene to hell.  Oh and the mayor covered up the murder of the folks from Green Acres.

Caught up?  Good. Glad we can finally move the fuck forward.

Explain It:

This week was a much slower moving episode but the impact is equal. We got a grip of Jesse and Tulip backstory, and learned how we got here. Long story short, guilt.

We pick up the story moments after Jesse sent poor Eugene to hell. The look on Jesse's face is wracked with guilt and confusion. Instead of using the voice to move the town to be better we get the kind of uninspired tripe that Jesse was known for prior to Genesis setting up shop in his gut. It appears that Jesse is starting to realize that all is not right with his power and the way he is wielding it. 

Sheriff Root spends the episode looking for Eugene, dripping with guilt for telling the boy he should finish the job and kill himself a few episodes back. It is the first time we kind of see this fat cop asshole as more than an impotent man using the power of the state to make his flaccid dead wang feel girthy you know, being a cop.  You can't help but feel a little for the man. As much of a sack of shit as he is, you can feel his shame, guilt and fear. As a parent sometimes you let your anger get the best of you and it makes you feel like the biggest piece of crap on the planet, even if said outburst is justified because the kid is being an asshole. This is not the case with Root and Eugene. He crossed a line you can never return from and he knows it.

We also get a lot of Jesse and Tulip's back story and learn why they are so connected.  As a child Tulip was taken in by Jesse and his father. She lived with them and became family. This led to a childhood promise from Jesse that he would find her and be with her no matter what until the end of time. That ended a few moments later when Jessie's pops sent tulip off with child protective services. His reason was that she was a Hughes which to me translated as 'she is a garbage person'. Where I grew up we called those people Bleakleys.

Young Jesse is obviously heated, gives his dad the stink eye, and goes to his room and prays for God to strike the old man down. Soon after the men who killed his dad show up and put two in his dome piece like Jerome's niece. Now we understand why Jesse is so tied to being good and to holding on to the church.  We also learn a little more about the tattoo on Jessie's back. It is the same tattoo that is prominently featured on the forearm of the gunman.

Quincannon shows up and demands that Jesse hand over the church, because as we know, Jesse isn't the most exact in his choice words when using the voice. The deal with Quincannon was that he become a member of the church and a Christian, Jesse only told him to serve God. For we know his God is Zeus or Rakim. Well Jesse isn't having it and tells Quincannon to eat a bag of meaty cocks and based on the previews for next week I am guessing that this won't end well. Especially since Jesse ran everyone off during an awkward church dinner.  

In order, He called Tulip a piece of Hughes trash and she stormed out, Jesse dips out for a smoke and Cassidy duffs him in the mug with the business end of a fire extinguisher then reveals that he is a vampire by walking into the Sun on some Organized Konfusion shit and burning up. We do not know if Jesse puts him out or not. I guess we will find out later in the season. Finally Emily comes in with a limp as fuck 'I always believed in you' instead of going whole hog, grabbing his schvance and confessing her undying love. Jesse tells her she is stupid and she runs out jaw hanging. If Emily watched another AMC show called Breaking Bad she would know that in life, there are no half measures.

And with that Jesse has become the least likable character on the show setting forth the redemption of Jesse Custer which is what I assume the rest of the show will be.


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