Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Wonder Woman #2 Review

Year Won

Written by: Greg Rucka
Art by: Nicola Scott. Romulo Fajardo Jr, and Jodi Wynne
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: July 13. 2016

I have already punched my ticket for the Rebirth Wonder Woman express and while my partner in slime, Eric Shea, hasn't been that impressed just yet, I love what Greg Rucka is doing.  Sure, it's very meta, and a bit confusing, but I have faith that he will open the curtain and make everything alright and completely awesome.  Of course, this is the first chapter in the Wonder Woman Year One story and that has me excited all by itself, but also to see how it ties in with the current day "Lies" story.  So, does Greg Rucka still have my undying love or am I going to looking over his shoulder for another dance partner soon?  Let's find out...

Jumping head first into the Year One story, the issue opens up with...Steve Trevor?!?  I love seeing Steve and while I worry about him, nothing could be worse than the smackdowns that always seemed to follow him in the New 52, right?  Right off the bat, we see that while they are miles apart, him and Diana are very connected.  Greg Rucka keeps showing this throughout the issue as we jump back and forth between Steve and Diana.

We first see Diana as her Sisters are stargazing, but Diana is more content to look out to the horizon and wonder what lies beyond.  Through Diana's discussion with Kasia, we learn a little bit about how the Amazon's got to Themyscira and also what happens if they leave.  While I love seeing Rucka's story begin to take a more solid shape, it's the natural way that it's told that impressed me the most.  Words, movements, glances...all are part of the narrative and it's just so good.

We then see Diana and Hippolyta together and again, it just was such a natural scene that felt "right".  It also sends us back to Steve and from this point on, the back-and-forth begins to have more solid and quicker convergence.  Training, celebrations all go by, and then Rucka starts showing us a bit of a difference between Themyscira and Man's World.  It's all about time and Rucka does a great job at showing the difference between life as a human and life as an immortal.

This continues as Diana falls ill after an "accident" and I was left pretty impressed thinking about how long she took to return to health.  Maybe not as long as Steven Segal in Hard to Kill, but then again, maybe longer!  Her illness and recovery may be looked at as a sign from the gods, but I was busy looking at the golden lasso...looking and smiling.

The issue ends with Steve getting on a plane and taking off and it really felt like watching the Titanic head out to sea.  Seriously, we all know what's about to happen at this point and Rucka doesn't disappoint.  The combination of curiosity, awe and horror that ends the issue was so awesome and I just sat here thinking about how Diana's world is about to get much, much bigger...whether she likes it or not.

I think that this is the issue where all the stragglers are going to join the party.  This issue doesn't anything to shed light on what's going on in the Lies story, but you can't help but read it and know that Wonder Woman is in great hands.  I have liked the Wonder Woman Rebirth story a lot so far, but I love this Year One story already.

Part of the reason for my love is Nicola Scott's amazing art.  She makes everything look fantastic, but it's her character work that won me over.  I'm not just talking Diana and Steve (though they look great), but everybody in this book.

Bits and Pieces:

If you have already fallen in love with Greg Rucka's Wonder Woman, prepare to fall head over heels all over again.  If the Rebirth beginnings turned you away or you haven't even given it a try yet, this is the issue to make you see what us smart people have been saying all along...Greg Rucka is writing a great Wonder Woman book and everyone should be reading it.



  1. Wow, Jim. That's very...POSITIVE of you! Yeah, I heard you call me positive in last week's podcast like it's a dirty word or something. I'm hurt. Actually, I'm not sure how to feel about it. I'll let you know in the mail. I'm still trying to figure out your rating scale...I'm working on a theory.

    But I do agree about this issue. Loved it!

    1. Don't call me that dirty word!!! Hey, Reggie said I'm one of the most positive guys when it comes to comics, but I think he is insane. The ratings scale might be hard to put a finger on because the final score really is a gut feeling type of thing, but I love theories so I want to hear yours.

  2. The moment I heard that Rucka was on this title I felt that it was going to be in good hands, but there was still that slight trepidation about whether or not I'd feel a link to the story, or how DC would handle the character in the face of editorial mandates and whatnot.
    I think that doubt stems from the fear that every writer wants to make their mark , and say that their work redefined the character, every time the reins are handed over.
    But I don't want a redefinition, I want the redemption of the epic character that we saw at the beginning of the N52 in her own book, because Justice League and Superman/Wonderwoman never got her quite right, and the Finches failed the creators and epic story that came before them.

    What I'm saying is it's an immense relief when you read and see the care that the creators put into the book. And I feel as if despite some minor letdowns this week, I can breathe a sigh of relief and genuinely say I can't wait to see and read what comes next.

    We always remark on how they put the best writers and artists on Batman titles (oddly enough a trend that has not proved that impressive in this latest iteration), and it is so good to see them apply that same pedigree to Wonder Woman. Nicola Scott absolutely aces it in this book , and Rucka is in top form as he juxtaposes the early days of both Diana and Steve. He baits us perfectly on that final page, knowing that we know, both of their worlds are about to change forever.

    Also, Points for the fact that the first words Diana ever hears a man speak are "please help us" , compared to the experience all of the other amazons have or may have had with men.

    I can breathe easy knowing that this book will not disappoint.


  3. Jim I think this is the story they you wanted! It's a good and touching issue but it doesn't really show us anything new. To me it's a setup issue.

  4. I did not expect a 9.5 from Jim this issue at all ... this feels to familiar right now to me to warrant another telling but it's still very good.