Monday, September 26, 2016

International Iron Man #7 Review

I Peed On It And Everything

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Art by: Alex Maleev, Paul Mounts and Clayton Cowles
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: September 21, 2016
Review by: Josh Vermillion

It’s time to figure out the real story of Tony Stark. After seeing his real parents meet in the last issue, I’m ready to see them grow as a couple as see a cute little baby Tony. Brian Michael Bendis had the tall task of ending this story on a high note and setting up two more Iron Man books. Let’s see if he could live up to the challenge.

We continue our journey back through the history of Tony Stark’s birth parents by picking up in the middle of Jude and Amanda trying to escape the Hydra agents in Berlin. After escaping, and falling for Jude, Amanda covers up the incident by saying it was a crazed fan. Valentina warns Amanda not to get too close in this dangerous world. A couple weeks later, Jude shows up at Amanda’s concert and meets her in the dressing room to reconnect.

Jump ahead 2 years and they’re still going strong, despite the fact that Jude is rarely home. Amanda surprises him with a gift: a positive pregnancy test. 9 months later, it’s almost time for the baby to be here. You’d think they would be excited, but Jude is bleeding after yet another mission. Amanda wanted to get out of SHIELD, but they told her she’s the best type of agent, a pregnant woman. Jude starts talking about how he can make sure they get away and stay safe from SHIELD.
Over the course of their argument and conversation, it gets more and more obvious that Jude is hiding something, until he finally comes out and admits he’s with HYDRA. *A collective gasp goes up from the readers.* Okay maybe it was pretty obvious throughout the conversation, but a gasp-worthy moment did come when Amanda took the scissors and stabbed Jude in the throat before calling SHIELD.

Amanda decides she wants to give the baby to SHIELD to put in an orphanage, but Howard Stark hears of this and wants to adopt the baby as his own. He surprises Maria with little Tony before we jump back to present day with Tony meeting Amanda. After a pretty great reunion, the two hug it out as the issue ends.

Once again, Bendis and Maleev have put together a solid issue that opens the door for a lot of character development for Tony moving forward. The book looks awesome again, and I really like the Iron Man that Bendis has set up in this book. I don’t see how this story is going to continue in Marvel NOW 2.0, but I’m excited to see it happen.

Bits and Pieces:

I really enjoyed where Bendis took this book, changing Tony Stark’s history while keeping Iron Man’s origin the same. Combine that with Maleev’s great art, and you’ve got a great book. I can’t wait to see how they continue this story after Civil War II.


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