Monday, September 26, 2016

The Mighty Thor #11 Review and *SPOILERS*

Hammer Time

Written By: Jason Aaron
Art By: Russell Dauterman, Matthew Wilson, Joe Sabino
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: September 21, 2016

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

Thankfully we don't have a Civil War II tie-in with this one because it's getting really annoying....... especially when you just want to see your heroes doing their normal hero things....... Like this issue of Thor, where we have our hero inside the floating Roxxon corporation, where the Agger Imperative has been set into place, which means the floating island corporation will fall out of the sky and destroy all of New York City.  Yeah, it's a shitty situation all over and it was made even worse when those two asshole SHIELD agents showed up to arrest everyone, especially Thor because they have evidence that she's really Jane Foster.  I don't know why they'd arrest her over this, but hopefully all that goes away in this issue because as the previous one ended, we saw our hero shot with a Midas bullet and Dr. Jane Foster coming through a portal to help our hero out......... Weird.  Let's see what's what as we jump into this issue of Thor so we can see how this story arc ends.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

In this issue shit immediately goes south because the Agger Imperative has activated and the Roxxon Corporation is falling out of the sky, with all of our characters still inside.  The only decent part of this situation is that Jane Foster is there to remove the Midas bullet from Thor's wrist and with this action, it makes it clear as hell to those two asshole SHIELD agents that Jane Foster couldn't possibly be Thor........... but just between Thor and Jane Foster...... and us, this person is using a ton of magic to appear in Jane's image and has the ability to know what Thor's thinking so that she can actually remove the bullet just like Jane would be able to do.  

As Jane removes the bullet, Agent Solomon tries her best to go after Silver Samurai and the Exterminatrix, while also trying to get Dario Agger, now in his Minotaur persona to shut down the Agger Imperative before they and all of New York City dies.......... but those fucking SHIELD agents just can't stop fucking things up and right before Agger was about to shut it all down, they shoot him and then want a thank you from Agent Solomon for their actions........ I want something terrible to happen to these fucktards.  Anyway, the Roxxon building starts turning to gold because Jane drops the removed bullet on the floor and after Agent Solomon gets Jane, Agger and the two agents out of the building and onto a helicarrier, Thor starts making up for some lost ass whooping time in this issue.

In the end, Thor takes out the Silver Samurai and the Exterminatrix and then flies the Roxxon company up into the sun all Superman about it.  As our issue closes though we see that Jane this whole time as been Mjohnir in disguise somehow........... even though Thor was using the hammer the entire time that the Jane Foster impersonator was there and after Thor lets Agent Solomon in on her secret that she's actually Jane Foster........... and for some reason Agent Solomon tells us that she was shot with golden bullet, Jane goes and grabs Mjohnir and disappears in a blast of light, leaving all of us scratching our heads over what the hell just happened.

That's it for this issue of The Mighty Thor and while I loved the majority of this issue because of how it was a race against the clock with its suspense and for how Russell Dauterman created some really bad ass dynamic panels depicting the falling Roxxon Corporation with our heroes inside, adding to the suspense, I have to say that the ending just left me flabbergasted.  Throughout this issue we had this mystery of who this strange Jane Foster was and while I'm okay with it being some kind of sentient shape shifting Mjolnir, it would have worked better in my mind if we didn't see Thor using the tool throughout this book.  Another confusing thing was Agent Solomon saying at the end of the issue that coffee's on her because she was shot by a golden bullet........ What's up with that?  Anyway, all's well that ends well and we can put a pin in this story arc with the knowledge that besides for a few hiccups, it was a pretty strong issue.

Bits and Pieces:

This story offers up some really well planned out pages of action that got you furiously going through this book wondering how it will all work out and while I had some issues with the reveal at the end, this issue of Thor was entertaining and looked great all the way through.  


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