Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Suicide Squad #3 Review and **SPOILERS**

Who Stole the Soul?

Writer: Rob Williams
Penciller: Jim Lee
Inker: Scott Williams
Colorist: Alex Sinclair
Letterer: Nate Pleikos of Blambot®
Back-Up Artist: Philip Tan
Back-Up Colorist: Elmer Santos
Cover Price: $2.99
On Sale Date: September 28, 2016


Here's one of my most favorite rap songs of all time: "1-800 SUICIDE" by Busy Bee!
That beat is just too incredible to me...this song should definitely have been on the Suicide Squad movie soundtrack. They have practically every other song in existence on there anyway. On to my review of Suicide Squad #3!

Explain It!

Now that General Zod is free from the Black Vault and has incinerated Captain Boomerang above the shins with his heat vision (confirmed this issue!), he's pretty much a raging blowhard braggart of Kryptonian proportions. Harley Quinn provides comedic commentary while Zod bats the Squad around like so many...battables, blasting his heat vision willy-nilly like a boy during potty training. While Hack tries to, uh, hack stuff, June Moon gets all anxious and turns into the Enchantress, another pompous jerk that really thinks her shit doesn't stink. Which, in actuality, it might not. I mean, one would think a powerful sorceress would be able to change the odor of poop, or remove the smell entirely. Maybe she doesn't even make plops, she just turns her turds into butterflies that flutter out of her butthole like something on a hipster t-shirt. Enchantress is ready to use her powers to bind Zod in some kind of magic cage, but while she says her spiel Zod throws Killer Croc at her, taking her off the board for a moment.

Hack is still...hacking, while Zod rushes at her, full-speed, with his fist outstretched. The very idea of it is actually hilarious. Just before connecting, Katana shows up and slaps the sharp end of her blade against Zod's wrist! And it hurts! Guess what, the magic sword works on the Kryptonian. Zod fight back, but Katana slashes him in the chest and makes him her bitch. Just then, some heavily-armored military rushes the underwater prison, none too thrilled about its recent occupation. While Deadshot and Harley Quinn use some newly-found guns to create a pile of heavily-armored corpses, he directs everyone to the submarine, because they're gettin' outta here! Before that, however, they must contend with some newly-released prisoners: the Annihilation Brigade!

The back-up is the story of Katana as told by Amanda Waller, and it is really well-done. The art has a definite anime influence and the plotting is executed exceptionally to create the proper mood for what is a really sad story. Once again, I'm nearly inclined to say I liked the back-up more than the main, uh, -up, but the main story was pretty great too. Harley did provide some good comedic moments, and I love how the appearance of several dozen soldiers in combat armor is the least threatening thing to the Suicide Squad. Dig this book if you like fast-paced action and Jim Lee art. Pass on it if you are more a Little Lulu type of person.

Bits and Pieces:

No one could ever call this a slow read, but it definitely keeps things interesting. More happens in the first half of the book than some entire story arcs, and it has a chaotic quality that keeps escalating the action to nosebleed heights. The back-up is really good in this issue, and is probably worth three bucks by itself. This book is a great blend of psychopathic murder spree and light-hearted comedy quips. Mainly about psychopathic murder sprees. Give it a look.



  1. Poor Croc getting burned after puking all over himself twice ... that first splash page is beautiful, love that from Jim Lee

  2. This felt like a really quick read. AMAZING art. I’m really excited for the next issue and I’m getting so pumped for the JL v. SS! Secretly rooting for the Suicide Squad even though I’m sure they won’t win.