Saturday, October 1, 2016

Weird Science DC Comics Comic Books of the Week 09/28/16

Another week, another ton of DC Comic Books hitting the shelves.  My mom used to tell me that New Comic Book Day was like a box of chocolates and yes, I mean that you poke holes in them to see what they are and put back the crappy ones for someone else to eat.  That's what this column is all about...telling you which books are the Caramel (delicious!) and which ones are the Maple Nut Creams.  What am I, I freaking lumberjack?!?  The answer is...maybe.

Sixpack & Dogwelder: Hard-Travelin' Heroz #2
Score: 9.5/10

What Reggie Said:

This is the funniest book on comic stands today. Oh, what's that? You think hipster Jughead is funnier? Nope. Oh, Adventure Time is a funny book, you say? Get your head out of your rear end. Hard-Travelin' Heroz is the funniest book on comic stands today, and should play best to seasoned fans of DC Comics. It also looks impeccable. Put your prejudices aside and give this miniseries a look! Read Full Review

Suicide Squad #3
Score: 8.5/10

What Reggie Said:

No one could ever call this a slow read, but it definitely keeps things interesting. More happens in the first half of the book than some entire story arcs, and it has a chaotic quality that keeps escalating the action to nosebleed heights. The back-up is really good in this issue, and is probably worth three bucks by itself. This book is a great blend of psychopathic murder spree and light-hearted comedy quips. Mainly about psychopathic murder sprees. Give it a look. Read Full Review

Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern 
Corps #5
Score: 8.0/10

What Reggie Said:

The final tumblers are in place to make this story a lock...hopefully. It took a little longer to get to this point than I'd have liked, but now that we're about to see a crazy conflict I'm getting pretty excited. Hal Jordan really acts over the top on his narcissism this issue, and I love to see him cast as a one-dimensional blowhard. If that bothers you, however, be forewarned. This book has heated up and is worth your time and hard-earned money! Or even your stolen money, I don't judge how you get it! Read Full Review

Harley Quinn and Her Gang Of Harleys #6
Score: 8.0/10

What Reggie Said:

Harley Quinn and her Gang of Harleys comes to a conclusion, and possibly not quite the conclusion you might have expected. What had been a loosely-organized clique of Harley Quinn wannabes, most of whom were presumed dead after the first issue, has become a cohesive group of supportive friends who happen to have no compunctions against murdering with their bare hands. What are friends for, if not to wring the last gasps of life from our mutual enemies? And that's the best lesson to be learned from this series: the value of friendship. And the value of money. That Harley Sinn was living pretty well on her daddy's blackmail dough. Read Full Review

Teen Titans: Rebirth #1
Score: 8.0/10

What Reggie Said:

A pretty thorough introduction to the members of the Teen Titans going forward, and you can't ask for a whole lot more from a Rebirth title. The artwork is very unique but really worked for these characters, and it's so colorful and angular it's almost kaleidoscopic. It's tough to say what this title will be in the future, or whether it will feature a team of friends instead of a gaggle of jerkfaces, but what we see here is an indicator that all signs point to "maybe!" Read Full Review

Titans #3
Score: 8.0/10

What Eric Said:

While I can't say that this issue has a lot of action or even moves the story in a direction that will unveil all the secrets that the Rebirth Special teased us with, what it did was drop us some tiny nuggets to keep us hungry for more about the future of the DC Universe, while looking great all the way through. Read Full Review


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