Sunday, September 25, 2016

Weird Science Tweets of the Week 09/24/16 presents:
Official Unofficial World Infamous Weird Science DC Comics Tweets of the Week

By: Branden Murray
Back by unpopular demand I bring to you the Official Unofficial World Infamous Weird Science DC Comics Tweets of the Week. Remember if you love nonsense, if you’re here and reading this we know you do, keep up with the Get Fresh Crew all week long, with the computing device of your choice, on Twitter at the following addresses:

  • … and that’s the bottom line because Stone Cold … err Batman … said so!

  • Jim with the daggers crushing Lil’ Eric Shea

  • Shared via @AndrewinBelfast … Woooooooooooooo!

  • To Jim’s dismay Earth 2 “Sexy Robot” Lois has a little competition with Pre-Flashpoint Lois maybe coming for that crown … just look at that cover people!

  • @reggiereggie ‘s 140 characters about his reviews almost as good as the reviews themselves

  • @TobyHagen a rising star among the Get Fresh Crew … you better recognize

  • Good day mate … that’s what they say over there right??? Wait, Australia has a queen too right! I’m so confused and I blame it on all Jim’s accents!

  • SPOILER ALERT – Sayyyyyyyyy Whaaaaaaaaaaaa?

  • This is a promise we all hope is kept … and not because anyone enjoys it.  Don’t let us down Jim and Eric … don’t be like your Daddy’s!

  • This guy gets it … we love bad ideas around here.

That’s it for this week.  Remember tweet at and become with friends all of us here at WeirdScience.  I know there’s people I’m forgetting about, that write reviews, I should be mentioning up top and I promise next week I got you! To everyone else, tweet at us, when your done listening to the 9 hours of nonsense from Jim and Eric you can always find more right here. 

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