Monday, November 28, 2016

Civil War II #7 Review - Marvel Monday

REJOICE! The End Is Near

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Art by: David Marquez, Justin Ponsor, Andrea Sorrentino and Marcelo Maiolo
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: November 23, 2016
Review by: Branden Murray

Civil War II has reached the ever important penultimate issue status. However instead of excitement we’re all left with a neutered story, limping to the finish line, with a melting bag of peas on its groin, all because Marvel Comics went ahead and decided to release new #1 issue’s spoiling the books ending weeks ago. I just feel like there’s just not much drama left to discover inside the pages of this story but let’s dig in anyway and hope my intuition is proven wrong … I don’t want to continue to question the reasons why I’m a completionist after all. 

Our issue number seven picks up with Ulysses continuing his vision adventures from the previous issue we weren’t provided a glimpse of. This vision seems to be slightly different from the powers he’s previously displayed because only Ulysses seems to be affected, and now fully transported (in mind only) to a new world altogether.  The group of Inhumans nearby, led by Medusa, looks on trying to get Ulysses attention, or even just an acknowledgement, all to no avail. The silent treatment eventually pisses Karnak off and he begins shouting at the new guy like your drunken relatives visiting on Thanksgiving.

Checking in with Ulysses and “new vision” we’re quickly provided a few key hints on his minds whereabouts based on art style changes. In this new mindscape vision Ulysses is quickly confronted by a savage Hulk however before a well-placed hair on Ulysses handsome head is damaged Old Man Logan comes flying in with the save dispatching the Hulk in question and confirming any and all seeded hints provided by the change in art. Ulysses begs the stubborn ol’ goat for some answers and while his initial attempts prove to be unsuccessful he does finally muster something out of Old Man Logan about Tony Stark and “pushing her to far”.  

Back in reality Spider-Man sits on the steps of the Capital building. I guess this an attempt to make other characters see he won’t be subject to the whims of Ulysses visions, which depict him murdering Captain America, the Steve Rodgers one. The Capital building appears to be a popular spot tonight because its not long before Steve Rodgers himself decides to join Spider-Man. So now we have two heroes mocking fate in the eyes of those who use Ulysses powers to their benefit ... how could things go wrong?

This is the point of the story Captain Marvel decides to drag her bitter ass into the events at the Capital spewing the same arguments and lines she has all series long … it might be interesting if she wavered at this point in the story since shes done nothing but fail but we get the opposite here.  As Carol approaches Miles to take him “in” she discovers Ultimate Spidey protected by a strange shield. At this point Tony reveals himself in the War Machine Hulk-Buster armor and Captain Marvel and Tony throw down again which is how the issue jarringly concludes without much happening as far as progress goes. 

This should have been the final issue to mercifully end the suffering so collectors and fans can just move on with their lives; instead we’re treated to more of the same nonsense with a boring story. Literally people standing around who do nothing but spew poorly written political subtext. Toward the conclusion we do rush everything into another fight yet again because I suppose something has to go on the cover worth selling issues and make you want to buy the stories conclusion but this event could have easily ended here and should have. 

The art continues to be well done but doesn’t add anything unique to the story itself. Pretty pictures aren’t worth suffering through the slog this event has delved into.  The only points I award to this story, and the saving grace this issue, would be to the Old Man Logan teams appearance which is the only fresh thing found within the pages of this issue ... maybe the coolest thing Ulysses has done period since his inception. 

Bits and Pieces:

Marvel fans deserve better than to be charged another $4.99 - $5.99 to read the conclusion to a delayed event everyone decided after the fact needed an extra issue.  This was a penultimate bore and with the conclusion already spoiled in the pages of the Marvel’s Now! line of books I don’t see a reason for anybody to continue reading this story.



  1. I gotta say, it's really shocked me how poorly Civil War II has been received. I think it's arguably the best event Marvel has ever done, putting aside all the usual nonsense that tends to define these stories for them, all the random fighting that usually gets the minimum of justification...Whereas this one was all about the justification and making sure it mattered when something happened. If anything, it proves that Marvel's core fans don't care about all the social issues the company has tried to bring to the forefront, whether all the race/gender swapping, or this story that was clearly inspired by Black Lives Matter. Comics fans, or at least Marvel fans, have loudly declared that for them, only Comics Lives Matter. It's a real shame. It's the most straightforward storytelling Bendis has ever done. Usually he aims for a lot of dialogue that really only reflects on itself, or cool situations, or drawn-out storylines, but this time he went for the gusto. It was, to my mind, at least the equivalent of Identity Crisis, which Marvel famously mocked at the time, because it was so far beyond anything it would have ever considered doing. Well, until now. But the last laugh is again on Marvel, because when it finally does that sort of thing, now it's the fans who reject it. That's called irony, folks.

    1. Please do not compare the story to Identity Crisis I do not hate this series for the most part I liked Civil War II with the exception of the complete lack of action in any shape way or form I did enjoy the whole talking it out series that this is but it is in no way shape or form as good as Identity Crisis was to me at least. With a title like Civil War you would expect there to be gee I don't know a war this event should have been titled something else and the delays are ridiculous I do not them against the series though as I also find Brandon's below points to be very valid this past issue did make me very interested in Ulysses as a character although the story does have some major problems that I'm not going to get into because it would take me too long.

    2. It's too late to edit but I realize that talk to text spell Branden's name wrong

  2. I consider your points well thoughtout but don't agree. Ulysses is a plot device given no characterization created 9 issues ago for this story alone for Bendis to treat how he wants with no explanation. Captain Marvel clearly act out of character as a villain literally killing people with no remorse. I don't see how Marvel has anything together espically for a comic that should have ended in August.

    1. It's funny the only thing I really did like about this issue was the art and the whole Old Man Logan Ulysses thing that was great. The next issue better be a knock-down drag-out brawl of all brawls or else I'm going to be pissed.

    2. The series really just lost me because Cptn Marvel can see no other side but her own ... in a "talk it out" series that seems like a pretty stupid premise to base your entire series off if one character, hell even Tony, is never willing to meet in the middle. The only conflict was manufactured to kill characters for little to no reason because nobody ever wavered.

      Everyone spells my name wrong Trevitt dont sweat it.

  3. also last rant ... how many times are they going to double page spread that Miles killing Cptn America? It literally takes up two pages for the last three issues now adn there literally just reusing the same imagine, Im paying what 4.99 for this???

  4. Just got around to reading this....fuck this book. First of all it tries to tie shit in to Old Man Logan, then the Inhumans are all standing around Ulysses looking stupid, and ultimately nothing happens in this issue. The one good highlight was the little talk between Cap and Miles, but besides that this issue was just pointless. Quit trying to fit all your bullshit into the narrative of Old Man Logan!!!