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The Uncanny Inhumans #15 Review - Marvel Monday

The Dame Walked In

Written by: Charles Soule
Art by: R.B. Silva, Adriano Di Benedetto, Java Tartaglia
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 16th, 2016
Review By: Christian Faulds

*Non-spoilers and review at the bottom*

So Charles Soule’s run on the Inhumans has been a lot of fun. He has brought back the crazy politics that the Inhumans are known for. Now with the Iron Man storyline wrapped up with Maximus leaving after nearly getting Stark to bring hellfire and damnation on Queen Medusa. We shall see where this issue takes us. More Maximus shenanigans? More royal family politics? Will we go into space? All these questions will hopefully be answered let us dig in and find out what is going down. 

We start off seeing Auran in her full dress uniform. Ol’ hard boiled detective Frank Mcgee is being interviewed by Auran’s daughter’s Treste and Irelle about their mother. Frank doesn’t know what to say since he didn’t know her that long. They urge him anyway. He starts off “Well...from the first minute I saw her until the end, one thing was obvious: Auran was one hell of a cop.” Which I really liked this already is giving me noir detective vibes. I am a sucker for a noir detective story. 

He goes on to describe the first time they met. He says that they liked each other from the start, not in a sexual way, but in the way that all good cops do. Even though they had worked in way different areas, they have seen the same things. He was at a bar, she came up to him and asked him the question. His file said Frank used to be a cop, she asks him “you still a cop?”. Frank goes on to describe the state he was in when she asked him that. He had lost his job, wife, and home. All he got in return where his crazy eyes. Frank remarks that “if your mom hadn’t been desperate for manpower she’s have left me in that bar…”. 

They partnered up. Auran took Frank under her wing, showed him how things work in New Attilan. She helped him think of uses for his power. She even picked Franks name.  It is Nur which means light. He doesn’t like it, it is to lovely for someone like him. He continues his story saying everything was good for awhile. That they developed a rhythm. Then they caught the case, the case from Queen Medusa herself. Black Bolt was missing, they were the ones tasked to find him. Frank tell her daughters that it was all their mom, she cracked the whole case and he was just along for the ride.

Her power to focus on one word and know where it was being said is handy for a detective. 
She figured out that it was Prince Maximus behind it all. He had kidnapped Black Bolt his own brother and used his mind control powers on him. Then Frank has a aside where he says that Maximus is just off. They found and confronted Maximus. It went bad. Maximus had Black Bolt speak, he just said one word “Hello”. It blew out the whole side of the building. 

That is how Auran died, she knew what was coming and she got in between Frank and the blast. Her last word was “save”. Frank thought she meant save Black Bolt, but now he knows she was talking about her children. He has watched over them ever since.   Afterwards, Triste and Irelle talk about what Frank told them. They say that Frank gave them the last piece. They now must change because they are going to Reader and he hangs out at a snazzy place. 

Reader is hanging out at a bar, touching a woman’s face so he can read her. This is when the owner pulls Reader  aside. Flagman needs Reader to stop what might become an intergalactic bar fight. Reader gets Flagman to erase his humongous bar tab for this favor. Reader goes to the Shi’ar and introduces himself and his powers. Which also provides a good recap for readers. They back down as he threatens to read on of his cards and make whatever it says happen, because that is his power. They all back down and settle down. Flagman thanks him and Reader goes to find the girl he was talking to. Treste and Irelle are there instead to ask a favor.

Frank walks around the apartment and finds a printer. He see’s it printed out braille. He is not happy finding this because he knows what it means. Back at the bar the girls are tell reader what they want. They want him to read the book that they collected from interviews about their mother. They want him to read it so they can get the mother back. Reader owes them and they are calling in their marker. They explain to reader why they want this and as they do Frank is desperately trying to get them to them. To seal the nail in the coffin they tell Reader the last time they saw their mother, and how they didn’t say goodbye. This convinces him so her begins reading. 

Frank gets to the club. Flagman is angry about this intrusion. ONce Frank tells him what is going on Flagman says Reader would never do that. Frank hopes Flagman is right. Then, Reader finishes and warns them that he isn't sure this is their mother. Frank arrives at this time and  Auran screams “STOP STOP STOP STOP!” Fin.

Bits and Pieces:

This issue was really well done. We got some noir stuff going on. We got daughters wanting to see their mother again. We have bad decisions being made because of it. This is awesome and I can not wait for the next issue if we keep getting some detective shit and Auran being resurrected this way will be weird. I want to know what happens next.


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