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Thanos #1 Review - Marvel Monday

Thanos Returns

Written by: Jeff Lemire
Art by: Mike Deodato, Frank Martin, VC Clayton Cowles
Release Date: November 16, 2016
Review by: Bryan Trevitt

I never thought about reading a Thanos book before until I saw that Jeff Lemire was going to be
writing it. If you have ever read anything by Lemire then you can understand my excitement over this book. I really enjoyed this issue and I think it’s a great starting point for this series lets hop in and see where this bad boy goes.

We start off in the Black Quadrant on a small moon that is the stronghold of the Black Order with Corvus Glaive who at one point was a subordinate of Thanos before he abandoned his territory. Now Corvus is the one who sits upon the throne the difference between the two, one rules with brutally and fear (Thanos) and the other rules by inspiring the people under his rule (Corvus), like any ruler that leads by inspiring his people Corvus made the Black Quadrant run like a well-oiled machine. Corvus was taking care of business and business was good.

And then…

The mad titan returns and he’s pissed, he is spotted by a patrol of soldiers and battle ensues. Thanos annihilates them and after that brief workout he comes upon what I can only describe as a galactic Humvee and destroys it with one punch, at this point it is safe to say Thanos is not fucking around. Then he comes upon what looks like the JLA watchtower from when it was on the moon. He is greeted by the bases defenses and rips through them like they were nothing and makes his way to the throne room. He walks into the throne room and Corvus basically tells him to screw and that he is ruler now and he is prepared to die to maintain his position, Thanos smirks and tells him “yes you are”.

It’s at this point the story jumps across the galaxy to Tryco Slatterus who is looking for Starfox (Thanos’ brother) at what I can only describe as a space saloon. He walks up to the robot bartender and bitch slaps the whereabouts of Starfox out of him. Tryco makes his way to Starfox who is having an orgy in what I assume is a champagne room of sorts, Starfox greets him with a comment on how he’s a “strapping fellow” and invites him to join the orgy. Tryco is not having it and tells him that he is here at the behest of Thane the son of Thanos and Starfox’s nephew to collect his space orgy having ass and bring him back to Titan.

Now we come back to the Black Quadrant where Corvus Glaive is attempting to fight Thanos to defend his position as ruler of the Black Order and it’s not going well for him. I don’t know much about Corvus but he carries a blade around that is attached to a staff and apparently this weapon is what keeps him alive.

 He gets one hit in on Thanos that is blocked and then Thanos proceeds to beat the ever-loving shit out of him. Thanos tells him that he has overstepped his bounds and takes the blade from him then Corvus falls to his knees where he pleads with Thanos for his life mentioning the fact that if the blade is destroyed he will die. This was definitely the wrong decision, Thanos tells him that if he showed more of a spine he may have spared his life but because Corvus was loyal to him in the past so he will show him what he considers to be mercy. 

Thanos tells him that he has a choice Corvus can either kill himself or Thanos will kill him and tells him that this is his version of giving him a break for if he was the one to do it Corvus would suffer tenfold. This is the pathetic end of Corvus Glaive he takes this so-called mercy offering and shoves a broken shard of his blade into his chest and dies Thanos then takes his place on his throne.

What Thanos does not know is that across the galaxy a plan is being set in motion to bring about his destruction. Now we are back with Tryco and Starfox in the hangar of the space station where Starfox is being difficult about leaving claiming that he cannot ride around in such a shitty ship because he is better than this, he is the son of Mentor and he was once an Avenger but Tryco isn’t having it, he tells Starfox that he’s full of shit and he is not buying the “hoity-toity” prince shtick. Starfox says he does not particularly care for his nephew and doesn’t give a damn what he wants but his curiosity is peaked, he asks Tryco why he is working for Thane. Tryco tells him that he has been around for a long time challenging everyone and everything to a fight to prove to himself that he is a worthy champion and Thane has offered him the greatest challenge to kill Thanos and they take off towards Titan.

We then cut to Thane who is standing on Titan looking over at a destroyed city, a city which was destroyed at hands of Thanos and he is not alone Death shows up looking sexy as hell and asks Thane why he looks so worried, why that even with Tryco and Starfox and all their plans he still is not sure they can defeat Thanos. Thane tells her that he is not as strong as he once was and that Thanos is practically a god, Death tells Thane not to worry she told him that she would take care of everything and that she will make good on her promise but he does not trust her and with good reason. She tells him that he need not worry for she knows something about Thanos that no one else in the universe knows, that the mad titan is dying.

Bits and Pieces: 

I really like this issue a lot Jeff Lemire did a great job as always. The pace of the story was on point and it’s off to a great start. If you never read anything about Thanos before like me, it doesn’t really matter Lemire does a great job here of not making readers that aren’t too familiar with Thanos feel alienated. Deodato’s art is really sharp too I have never looked at too much of his art but this series make me want to check out more of his work. Lemire really left me wanting more and I can’t wait till next month’s issue comes out.


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