Thursday, December 1, 2016

Injustice: Ground Zero #9 Review

I Don’t Even Remembered What Happened

Written by: Chris Sebela
Art by: Tom Derenick
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: November 29, 2016
Review by: Dillyn Chadwick

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Dillyn here back again with another Injustice: Ground Zero review. Here we are again with Chapter 9 and boy is this going nowhere really fast. It’s “Muscle Car” Part 1, and I don’t even remember there being a car in this one. Maybe I’ll remember as we go. So, let’s jump in and get this out of the way.

The story right now is pretty lame and would work totally better in a video game, which is pretty ironic. It's like Harley's story mode with random fights that you can't actually play. So, it’s just your classic crap video game adaptation. Anyway, we start off this chapter with Harley getting pretzels and still talking to a shadowy figure that we still don’t have any clue if it’s a real person or in her head since this figure keeps appearing and reappearing per chapter.

She explains that Batman and Lex actually brought over heroes from the alternate Earth to help out. This was just done in a narrative bubble and I would have liked to have seen that happen. I can’t remember the games story that much, so the revelation probably comes from there and it’s just mentioned here since it’s not important to Harley. I don’t know but either way it’s irritating.

Harley keeps trying to get ahold of Batman but keeps bugging Babs who’s still in Oracle mode, according to Harley, even though she’s Batgirl now. We leave Babs as she hangs up on Harley and plays some Mortal Kombat. Harley’s bored again so she tells her goons a lie that Batman’s on this secret top secret mission and need his Batmobile. So, she thinks it’s a bright idea to drive it to him.

Oh, yeah. That’s the muscle car the title was referring to. Yeah, it’s not in this chapter, that’s why. Anyway, Harley and her goons get to Wayne Manor that’s force-fielded off and protected by Shazam. Here’s where the chapter goes down hill. A dumb Harley vs. Shazam fight that I’m not even going to play-by-play it for you because Harley wins for some dumb green-pilled reason. Shazam reverts back to Billy, the force field comes off of the manor and the chapter ends before she goes in.

Bits and Pieces:
This chapter sucks like a bucket of ticks. Again, another damn chapter full of nothing but fighting. I get that this is a comic based off of a FIGHTING video game but I don’t want to read fights. I want to read a story. If I wanted a fight, I would just go play the damn game. The art is really good, though, as always. Nothing to complain about from Derenick’s art.


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