Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Justice League of America #10 Review and *SPOILERS*

It's Finally Over!

Written By: Bryan Hitch, Tony Bedard
Art By: Tom Derenick, Daniel Henriques, Jeremiah Skipper, Clayton Cowles
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 30, 2016

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

It's finally come, after almost a year and a half, we've come to the conclusion of one of the most convoluted, over the top, shit shows that I've read during the time since we started this site.  I'm sure that there are fans of this series, even if I don't really know how, but with the story itself and the ridiculous delays, it's those sad shlubs that I feel sorry for the most here because where they might have been holding out hope that the story would come to a close with a strong, meaningful ending.......... Well, it doesn't look like that's what you're going to get.  In the previous issue, we saw Rao meet his younger self on ancient Krypton and combine the Forever Stones with the Life Stones to make him the Master of the Universe...... or some such nonsense and with that power we saw the mad god transport ancient Krypton to present day Earth so that he could take his revenge on the Justice League and take control of the planet like he had originally planned.  Let's see if Rao can complete his plan........... or since it was totally spoiled in The Final Days of Superman, see how the Justice League whoop his godly ass.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

Our finale begins with Green Lantern finally making himself useful now that he's escaped Krypton and his imprisonment from Rao, by using his ring to make a complete barrier around the planet so that all those big bad Kryptonian warriors, who want to do their best to kill and destroy for their god, can't get to Earth........... and you know, do all that killing and destroying.  It won't last long though and thankfully Hal gets back to his friends and Batman has a plan ready to go........ kinda.  I couldn't even tell you what issue at this point that Batman gave Cyborg his Kryptonian Protocols, which Vic and his father were supposed to go through so that they could find a way to stop Rao, but apparently Dr. Stone has everything set and launches two pods to our heroes............. which somehow turn into two big ass mechs, but hey, we'll go with it.  Somehow though, or maybe they've just been chillin' in STAR Labs for awhile, the Batman and Cyborg mechs are accompanied by a shit load of other mechs to help our team with the big ass fight ahead of them.

So yeah, it's an all out brawl between our heroes and the Kryptonian Dwalu and early on it looks like our heroes might actually pull off a win by just going head to head with their enemies, but the more time the Dwalu spend in the yellow sunlight, the stronger they get and eventually Batman decides that he has to come up with another plan if his friends and him plan on surviving the day.  This leads to Batman asking Cyborg to open a boom tube to Krypton, where the two take the three Infinity Corp workings with them so that they can ask the Forever Stones nicely to save them from Rao's attack........... which because this series needs to wrap up real quick, it does, but it does in the oddest way possible.  Now I know these things are just stones and may not have the best idea about how to solve things, but I think its approach of aging the Earth's sun to the point where it's a Red Giant is the worst goddamn plan it could have come up with because while yes, it makes all the Kryptonians lose their powers, in my mind it also scorches the Earth and kills a shit ton of people.  Maybe that's just me being a dummy, but it seems odd as hell.

In the end, after we get to see Aquaman finally do something with that goddamn trident of Poseidon, we see Superman confront Rao, but it's Rao's younger self that gets the job done by killing the person he'll become and the day is saved.......... Even though none of this should ever happen now since Rao will never become the person he was originally supposed to be and the God of Krypton says that he'll take his planet and people home and make sure that he dies a natural death.  As our issue closes, we find out that none of the things that happened in this series ever mattered and don't even make a ton of sense because the Forever Stones showing the Infinity Corp Superman's death that led to the destruction of the world was just a ruse so that it could put into motion the events that would reunite them with the Life Stones, but to make you feel like there was a reason that you've read this series the Justice League believe that all of this is leading to some crisis coming down the pike.

That's it for this series of Justice League of America and now that it's all said and done, I really don't see the point of this at all.  So many things are left open that don't make sense that it makes my head spin.  We never find out who the Infinity Corp is or why Hal Jordan's ring error-ed out and sent him to Ancient Krypton in the first place or even why Flash disappeared from that Ancient Krypton and showed up on Earth in 1961....... Hell, I don't even know why all of this still happened after the younger Rao killed his future self and decided that he'd never become the monster that we all saw here.  It just doesn't make a ton of sense and we haven't even talked about Olympus being destroyed.  Luckily though, the art wasn't bad in this issue and thankfully it's finally over, which with that knowledge when I started reading this book made me enjoy this a whole lot more.  It was just a relief really.  This is a terrible series and this ending is forced beyond belief with no real sense of satisfaction since so many things are left unanswered.

Bits and Pieces:

JLA is finally over and I'm happy as hell because this series has just been nonsense.  Even though I'm happy it's over, I have to say that this issue just keeps up the whole "nonsense" vibe going with its quick conclusion and the complete lack of any answers to the questions that this series kept throwing at us.  The only real positive thing I can really say for this issue is that we finally got to see Aquaman do something with his goddamn Trident of Poseidon and that the art wasn't bad.



  1. DC really needs to fire Bryan Hitch at this point i dont knoe the story behind the delays but i figured with Rebirth this was just canceled, add in his work on the Rebirth Justice League and its clear he cant write coherent stories I feel like he wants to be like a Johns or a Morrison people who write crazy mind bending stories but he doesnt have the chops for it, if not firing him then put him on a solo book so he can focus in on one thing

  2. Could not have put it better myself! Nonsense! How does DC let this guy Hitch keep writing the Justice League after so butchering this series?