Thursday, December 1, 2016

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 11/30/16

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I just woke up from my Thanksgiving nap, and it's New Comic Book Day already! And you all know what New Comic Book Day brings, don't you? No, not just a negative balance in your bank accounts, it brings us new comic book covers! DC didn't put out a lot of books this fact, they essentially put out five covers in total, which makes my job a lot easier! So here are this week's covers, save for the cover to the New Talent Showcase which was just ludicrous.

JLA #10
Bryan Hitch
This...I do not like this at all.

JLA #10 variant
John Romita, Jr. & Danny Miki
A fairly uninspired, silly-looking cover that is pretty well-balanced and inked.

Batman Annual #1
David Finch & Brad Anderson
This is a nice picture of Batman. If you are looking for a nice picture of Batman, this is a candidate.

Superman Annual #1
Jorge Jiminez & Alejandro Sanchez
Now we're getting somewhere! Not only am I a huge Swamp Thing fan, this is one heck of a dynamic-looking cover!

Suicide Squad #7 variant
Lee Bermejo
Bermejo has actually been doing the variants on this whole series, but I don't always pick 'em. This time, his rendition of Katana won the day, and not just because of the slim offerings. I am such a sucker for things reflecting off Katana's blade.

It occurs to me now that I might have supplanted the regular Suicide Squad cover for that ugly Bryan Hitch shit at the beginning, but meh. I'm done already, I'm not turning back.

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  1. You know that JLA 10 is hella late when it was suppose to be released at the same time at the Issue 50 of the New 52...LAST APRIL. Also notice that it is basically the same as the Justice League 50 cover at a different angle: