Tuesday, November 8, 2016

PREVIEW: Mother Panic #1

Mother, Where is My Father?

Writer: Jody Houser
Illustrator: Tommy Lee Edwards
Letterer: John Workman
Cover: Tommy Lee Edwards
Cover Price: $3.99
On Sale Date: November 9, 2016

Meet Violet Paige, a celebutante with a bad attitude and a temper to match, who no one suspects of having anything lying beneath the surface of her outrageous exploits. But Violet isn’t just another bored heiress in the upper echelons of Gotham City’s elite. Motivated by her traumatic youth, Violet seeks to exact vengeance on her privileged peers as the terrifying new vigilante known only as Mother Panic.

We knew our Doom Patrol, were pretty familiar with Shade, didn't know a thing about Cave Carson yet at least had some point of reference for the character...but this is a brand spankin' new character and series from the Young Animal imprint! Mother Panic takes place in Gotham City, so this book seems to be the most direct conduit to the DCU proper, if such a thing exists. Can't wait to read it! Young Animal's books have been solid so far, so I have no reason to be wary.

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