Monday, November 7, 2016

Spidey #12 Review and *SPOILERS*

End of Act One

Written By: Robbie Thompson
Art By: Nathan Stockman
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 2, 2016

*Non-Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

Here we are. The end of the ride of young Peter Parker. The end of Spidey... Oh wait, Peter Parker is still around in the main continuity? So really this isn't the end, more like the end of Act One?

Seriously, though, this series has been one of my favorites that Marvel has been putting out, and while I am sad to see it go, I can't lie and say it wasn't a fantastic time. It was full of the classic web-slinging action, humor, and heart that made me fall in love with the web-head in the first place. Sure, there are times I enjoy the adventures of Peter Parker, CEO of Parker Industries, but after all he's been through, it felt nice to get back to basics and watch him grow over time. We've watched him conquer the struggles of High School, beat down villains, and learn from some of the mightiest heroes in the Marvel Universe. How will this all wrap-up? Let's dive in and find out!

We open with Peter Parker reliving "the last day of his life" which to be honest, is actually a pretty good day. It begins with Aunt May telling Peter that she got a new job. This means that they will be able to handle the financial crisis that we saw in the second issue of the series. Peter then goes to work and get some pictures to J Jonah Jamison. Not only does JJJ like the pictures, he actually agrees to put them in the paper. That's when Peter decides to ask about getting an advance on his pay. Why? As Peter explains, homecoming is that night, and to those who didn't read the last issue, Gwen asked Peter. This is where I expected to tell you that JJJ told Peter to get out of his office and never asked for advance pay again. Not only does he give him the advance pay, but JJJ also gave him enough for a full out rental tux. Did we enter a bizarro version of Peter Parker's life?!

Peter takes Gwen to homecoming without a hitch, even getting a compliment from Flash Thompson. Peter then ask the big question: why him? We don't get an answer yet, but Gwen doesn't understand why he always questions himself. They head out to a diner for dinner, but Peter has to end it early because Spidey sense goes off. That's when, after 12 issues of will it happen(in this series), Gwen makes the night perfect with a kiss.

Peter suits up and heads off to the source of the sense: a businessman tied up on a rooftop. When he goes to help, though, it turns out to be the hologram of Mysterio, who begins to surround Peter. Before Pete can find the real one, Electro jumps from Mysterio's smoke and blasts him. And then after that!- Okay, I'm not going to continue the details on this surprise attack from the villains, because it's pretty straight forward and no one actually stands out. It's just a massive beat down of Spidey from the Sinister Six. I actually like that this final issue used the team, and in particular with this being Grand finale and all.

As the Sinister Six standing over him, Spidey thinks back on why today was perfect... and we finally got Gwen's answer, and by extension this issue's lesson. Gwen likes Peter because, despite all the bad that weighs him down, and every obstacle thrown in his way, he overcomes it, often with a pretty lame joke. This is by far my favorite lesson and the one I will take with me after I close this book. All the lessons have been great, but this one is the one that best describes the character of Spider-Man. The guy goes up against expert fighters, beings made out of sand, or 8-limbed mad scientists and he still gets up ready to fight, even though he knows he might lose. Why? Because he knows, it's what he has to do.

This thought of Gwen inspires him to get up and use his spider reflexes to have the villains knock one another out... which I will admit is a bit unrealistic because these six guys were just beating this snot out of him, but we do need that happy ending for this series!

We end the series in a similar way as the opening. Peter looks at his student life, now with Flash as a friend and Gwen as his girlfriend. To top it all off, after throwing away his ripped uniform he dons the colorful red and light blue spandex of the 'New' Amazing Spider-Man!

Bits and Pieces
I love this book. I loved this whole friggin series. The art is phenomenal. The humor of our hero is on point and fits the old version of the character perfectly. Most importantly, the heart was still in the right place. This might be one of the best Spiderman series of all time, and I'll still recommend it even when it's gone.


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