Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Weird Science Tweets of the Week 11/5/2016

WeirdScienceDCComics.com presents:
Official Unofficial World Infamous Weird Science DC Comics Tweets of the Week

By: Branden Murray
Sorry this is so late this week we celebrate the clocks going back in Buffalo, NY because the bars stay open an extra hour.  Needless to say I had a long night that consisted of drunk texting Jim nonsense at 230am, or it was 330am, either way here it is the Official Unofficial World Infamous Weird Science DC Comics Tweets of the Week.  Remember to holla at your boys all week long at the address below and read on.  

  • Weird Science on Weird Science … it’s a paradox!
  • Agreed … I mean if I knew Damien in real life Id want to choke him but a great character to root for IMO.
  • Homework for everyone; watch Kung Fury

  • Eric is under a table somewhere hiding.

  • This breaks all of Jims 2,258 rules he has about cereal.

  • Look who liked this tweet by @comics_corner …. Pretty, pretty good.

  • And one hell of a breakfast it would it be.

  • Poor Eric.

  • Oh boy, next step would be topping the Billboard charts.

  • We’re here for you!

  • @anderwinbelfast, welcome to the club. This was me and Jim during Batman and Robin Eternal, also you’re sick and may need help like the rest of us.

  • Maybe not the absolute worst but pretty damn close none the less.
  • Wise man this @dirtydrew fella.

  • But would you take it for free?  


  • No words are needed.

  • Awww, the good ol’ days.

  • That is how I do it.

  • Mr. Robert Lewis coming with the fire this week!
And wrapping things up with some collection pics!!!

That’s it for this week guys see ya around the InterWebs.  

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