Monday, November 7, 2016

Venom Space Knight #13 Review

With a Little Help From My Friends

Written by: Robbie Thompson
Art by: Gerardo Sandoval & Dono Sanchez Almara
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 2, 2016
Review by: Branden Murray

Venom Space Knight has sneakily become one of the Marvel comics titled under the All-New All-Different banner that I look most forward to each month. Issue thirteen, released last week, concludes this series and I’m a little sad it will be renumbered and under a new creative team for its next arc. Although Robbie Thompson and Gerardo Sandoval have become creators I will look for in the future because of their work here. With that being said let’s get into this issues events and see how everything wraps up. 

Things start with a flashback scene as Venom and Mania sit atop the roofs of New York. Flash drops the news to Andi that Captain America wants him to “keep an eye” on the Guardians of the Galaxy. Despite feeling a responsibility to Andi (with her symbiote Mania), who currently is cursed with the Hell-Mark, Flash decides that when Cap calls you take the mission.

Jumping back into the events of current day, Venom battles Andi who’s currently without the symbiote but is fully possessed by the Hell-Mark, which makes her more than a formidable foe. Andi, seemingly with the ability to summon demons at will, sends hordes of them at Venom in an effort to take him down once and for all for leaving her with this cruse. This is spitefully wronged feeling woman, think Jess mad at Eric. 

Thankfully Flash still has some friends in high places, most notably space. His fellow Space Knight crew arrives just in the nick of time to blast Andi through a nearby building but also leaving her the opportunity to disappear. As Venom reintroduces himself to his old friends and meets a few new ones the “hellos” are cut short when a Voltron sized demon emerges from the streets below the group’s feet.

Iqa takes this opportunity to show what a complete badass she is as Pik fastball specials her into the monster and she plunges the “Blade of Fire and Rage” into the demons heart, if it has one at all. Meanwhile the Space Knight hold a trump card of their own as their own giant winged demon drops from the skies to take care of any lingering demon threats roaming the streets. How is this thing doing that you ask? Well by eating them of course!

These events distract Andi enough for Venom to tackle her and administer the temporary cure brought by the Space Knight from their adventures in the previous issues. Once given to Andi she is able to regain control of her actions expelling the possession at least for now while Flash agrees to look for a more permanent cure for this Hell-Mark once and for all.

Our issue concludes as Flash says his goodbye to his friends 803, Tarna, Iqa, Pik, and Hilla Rollo as they head back off into space and more adventures. Flash decides its best to stay on Earth for now and help Andi get rid of her curse once and for all as the two set off to take care of any nearby trouble. As a final favor for Andi Flash decides to wear his symbiote armor suit shedding the more traditional Venom look he was sporting the last few issues and the two swing off.

This was an excellent conclusion and final issue for the Venom Space Knight Story arc. Although it only ran for a total of thirteen issues Robbie Thompson did a fantastic job of developing both Flash and Venom symbiote into their own unique characters that grew as individuals as the story progressed. There was a clear beginning, middle, and end to the entire arc and never really a down issue put out throughout the run. The art Gerardo Sandoval and Dono Sanchez Almara is some of the strongest of any of the Marvel books I’ve been following lately and I look forward to their work individually or together in future titles.

Bits and Pieces:

Venom Space Knight was consistently one of the highlight B character titles of the All-New All-Different Marvel lineup. I can’t recommend this title enough to those of you out there who are super hero comic fans. Even if you only have a small interest in this title or just a general history in anyway with Venom as a character, do yourself a favor and try this out.


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