Sunday, November 6, 2016

Weird Science DC Comics Comic Books of the Week 11/06/2016

It's time to put last week's books to rest and get ready for the next round and the way we do that here at the Get Fresh Crew Clubhouse is by listing our Books of the Week.  While I look back at the past week with a positive feeling, we really don't have a packed house of books here.  So, here are the books that we thought deserve a second and third look...

Superman #10
Score: 9.0/10

What Eric Said:

This is a great introduction to not only this story, but also to the Super Sons series coming out in a few months and I found myself loving almost every page of it.  It's a bit weird in the beginning, but it eases our newest World's Finest team into a relationship that will sure to shake the world.  Great art and a great story that leaves me wanting more. Read Full Review

The Flintstones #5
Score: 9.0/10

What Reggie Said:

While everyone was clamoring for better writing and representation in a Binky and His Buddies comic book, the Flintstones have quietly become one of the more interesting and relevant comics in the mainstream market. The artwork has been phenomenal and consistent throughout the series, but these characters have changed from reasonably-updated versions of the cartoon originals to complex and fascinating fictional persons, more than just vehicles for the applicable social commentary. Up 'til now, I've been saying that fans of the Flintstones TV show should enjoy this comic because it's more of the same thing. But now I will eat those words. This comic book is different–very different–and should be seen by everyone. Read Full Review

Batman #10
Score: 8.5/10

What Jim Said:

While the I Am Suicide story is a little more subtle than I thought it would be, this issue hit most of the right notes for me and left me satisfied while still wanting so much more.  Selina Kyle stole the show while hardly being in the issue and Batman kicks ass...and may not have been in the issue either.  Tom King and Mikel Janin are turning what could be a straight up action fest into a smart and intriguing mystery.  Sure, there is still action, but it's everything else that has me waiting in anticipation for the next chapter. Read Full Review

Shade, the Changing Girl #2
Score: 8.3/10

What Chris Said:

Another solid issue of Shade.  A great "feeling out" chapter involving our star... her inhabitant... and the world around her/them.  The narrative remained strong whenever Shade was on panel, however, the Meta angle feels a bit slow to start.  Not an indictment by any means, I just felt the Metan scenes dragged a bit.  Art is still psychedelic and wonderful.  Definitely looking forward to seeing where this goes. Read Full Review

Aquaman #10
Score: 8.0/10

What Reggie Said:

A very Mera-centric issue that provides some answers and serves to humanize those Mean Girls at the Tower of the Widowhood. The return of a not-disliked character is pleasant, if inconsequential, and this issue directly continues the story from previous issues--but can be read as a standalone! It's a one-off! This doesn't look like it will be some bloated tale, padded out for the trade collection! It's the dawn of a new day, my fellow comics enthusiasts! The 5-7 issue story arc is defeated! Read Full Review

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