Monday, November 7, 2016

Scarlet Witch #12 Review

No More Burn Victims

Written by:James Robinson
Art by: Annapaola Martello, Matt Yackey, and Cory Petit
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 2, 2016
Review by: Josh Vermillion

It’s been a long trip for Wanda and she’s finally found her aunt. It looks like we’re actually going to start getting some answers and get an idea of what this whole story has been leading to. I think I’m just as ready for that to happen as she is at this point, so let’s hope the answers are worth the wait.

This issue opens up where we left off last month: with Wanda talking to her aunt Marya about her mother. Marya tells Wanda some stuff about Natalya and Wanda tells Marya some stuff about how her uncle, Django, died. We get some pretty touching moments between the two and it’s nice to finally see Wanda happy in this series.

But just when things are starting to go better, Marya transforms into some gross monster and starts attacking Wanda. Marya is possessed by a witch-demon but Wanda is holding it off. Dasha gets possessed and now Wanda has to fend off both of them at once. Wanda doesn’t know what to do to save them without hurting their bodies and looks completely lost. Agatha Harkless’ ghost shows up just in time to help out and together they save Marya and Dasha.

Natalya borrows Marya’s body for a few so she can have a chat with Wanda. She tells Wanda that the answers she seeks can be found at the end of the Witches’ Road before healing Marya’s face. Awwe Eric will be so happy.

Wanda believes her journey around the world the last few months have all been getting her ready to take on the Witches’ Road, and the issue ends with her and Agatha ready to embark on their trip. I actually had a lot of fun with this issue. It pushed the story forward while giving some good action and giving a lot of backstory for Wanda’s family.

Annapaola Martello’s art looked awesome, especially on those last few pages. I haven’t been a huge fan of fact that the artist has been changing issues. I wish they would just pick one and go with it, and I think Martello would be a pretty solid choice as the full-time artist.

Bits and Pieces:

All around, this was probably my favorite issue of the series thus far. We finally get some story progression and the art looked great. It’s been rare that those two things have come together throughout this series so here’s hoping this starts a new trend.


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