Wednesday, August 30, 2017

All-Star Batman #13 Review


Written by: Scott Snyder
Art by: Rafael Albuquerque, Chris Peter and Steve Wands
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: August 31, 2017

Well, it's the penultimate issue of All-Star Batman and I have been enjoying it up until now.  I am expecting some big reveals in the next two issues to go along with the thrill ride we've been getting each issue.  Now, I am not sure how Batman and Alfred can possibly get out of last issue's cliffhanger, but isn't that the fun of following a series like this?  Hint...yes, it is.  So, how do they survive and what else does Scott Snyder have in store for us?  Let's find out...

We start the issue off with a "bloody bedtime story" before heading back to our cliffhanger of last month.  Batman and Alfred are plummeting to their deaths and while the resolution is a bit hum drum, the actual scene plays out fast and exciting...very cinematic in it's action movie coolness.

We then head back to Alfred's past in Morocco and if you've been reading up until now, you hope this is where you are going to get some answers.  Even if we don't, we are sure to get ass-kicking Alfred which I am always up for.  The action movie vibe continues as Briar leads a blind Alfred through a sandstorm, over rooftops and more.  We learn that Alfred has been training for a year to become Nemesis and this mission was a bit messed up...syringes, diseases and father figures, oh my!

Back in the present, Batman follows the Black and Whites on a "borrowed" motorcycle before quickly going back to Alfred's past.  We learn a bit more about Briar and the Nemesis program and it's clear that it's a bit more personal than we were lead to believe.

The past and present converge as Batman catches up with the Black and White helicopter and Briar catches up to Batman.  We find out the grand plan as Nemesis rips through Batman and as is normal for this book, our hero is left an inch from death.  Oh well, the Genesis Engine might change that...

While all this is going on, Alfred is left listening and helpless...maybe.  The cliffhanger shows that Alfred is a resourceful chap and that Scott Snyder likes to use all of his story's characters to full effect.

This is one of those "calm before the storm" stories that we usually get in a penultimate issue.  The pieces are set for an explosive, balls-to-the wall ending, but that doesn't mean this is an issue to just pass up.  The action is top notch and while the big reveals weren't as surprising as I would have guessed, they make sense and setup the final issue well.

I really like Rafael Albuquerque's art this month.  His action scenes play out fast and loose and since those scenes dominate the issue, it's all good.  I have to admit that I would have preferred a bit more varied color palette, but that's just me.  I'm a bit of a jerk sometimes!

The backup continues the action packed pace as Batman chases Vik and they confront each other, ready for next month's finale.  It's good, but the story will certainly read best collected as you only get little nuggets each issue.

Bits and Pieces:

Scott Snyder reveals some more about the First Ally and it's got me excited about next month's finale. It looks like it's going to be up to Alfred to save the day and after the setup, I wouldn't want it any other way.  This issue was action packed in both story and art and I can easily recommend it...which I will.



  1. I think this arc would make for a cool movie. Maybe not the exact storyline, but something along the lines of a plot that takes us in the past with Alfred's history. Great stuff so far, hope the ending doesn't let us down.

    1. I's been very action movie like and Alfred kicks ass!

  2. I could be mistaken, it happens, a lot but doesnt this go until 15? Regardless I really liked this issue, Im not in love with the art but its good, and Bad Ass Alfred sign me up for more of that. Any guesses who this first Ally is? Maybe Briar's son resurrected somehow with what Alfred was injected with?