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Marvel Monday's Marvelous Covers - Week of 8/23/17

Marvel Monday's Marvelous Covers - Week of 8/23/17

Guess who's back, back again, my Internet's back at least for now.  So Im taking advantage while I can and using this fine gift from above to showcase some of the various main and variant covers from the Marvel Comics release schedule of 8/23.  No investment on your behalf expect to be critical of my choices, sound good to you? Jump in see what I picked!

Daredevil #25
Cover Artist: Ron Garney

This is a great combination of art techniques but I really have no idea what they would be named.  The background does resemble pop art in a way and I know Im a fan of some pop art so you got me Ron Garney if that's what you were going for.

Secret Empire #9 (Variant)
Cover Artist: Andrea Sorrentino

Andrea Sorrentino's variant covers, which if you have purchased them all for a giant poster, have all been beautiful. The two heroes seen here, Black Widow and Hawkeye, facing opposite sides contrast each other nicely. Debate the quality of the story of Secret Empire all you want but both the variant and regular covers of this series have been beauty's. 

Generations: Unworthy Thor & Mighty Thor #1
Cover Artist: Jack Kirby

What else could you want in life besides a Kirby version of Thor standing on the rainbow road to Asguard? Food you say, psssh who needs food.

Weapon X #7
Cover Artist: Skan

Well theres not much that needs to be said here. Skan, the only name I could find to credit for this cover, has found himself a home on my basement wall with this beauty of the new Weapon H's claws. The reflection of the Weapon X team simply amazing as well, very photogenic team we have here. 

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