Thursday, August 31, 2017

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 8/30/17

Slim Pickings

Hey, it's a fifth week in comics, and you know what that means! A bunch of Annuals and whatever comics didn't make the regular schedule during the rest of the month. In the Long Ago, DC used to have events for these weeks...but no matter, there were more than five covers published, so here's the five best! No foolin'!

Supergirl Annual #1
Robson Rocha
Uh, this a cool picture. You've got all the villains converging on Supergirl, while she angrily sears Magog with heat vision...nothing wrong with it, really. Probably wouldn't stand out, however, in any other week.

All-Star Batman #13 variant
Rafael Albuquerque
Sure, I'll take a print of this. The negative space calls lots of attention to a pretty rad-looking picture of Batman on a motorcycle. The coloring is also striking. In fact, the only problem with this cover are the logos and barcode, which tells me this is more a pretty picture than a retail enticement.

Justice League of America #13
Ivan Reis
Whenever you put dialogue balloons on a cover, Reggie will be there. The dire threat against the Atom only ices this delicious Silver Age cake. The artwork is nothing to sneeze at, either, well-composed and -rendered and all that, but guys: the dialogue balloons. I love 'em.

Justice League of America #13 variant
Doug Mahnke
This is also a pretty snappy cover, though much of my attraction might be due to how much I like Lobo. I dunno, I think I like the one with the word balloons better? But this one is sort of demonstrably better, nicely composed and colored and all that. Eh. Take what you can get this week.

Darkseid Oversize Special #1
Chris Burnham and Nathan Fairbairn
Here's one that probably would have made it any other week, though it might not have been number one. But Chris Burnham's lumpy, detailed ain't rocket surgery, folks. What's what? Chris Burnham would like to draw a New Gods ongoing? With special attention to Apokolips and its awesome machinery? That sounds swell! Where do I plunk down my money?

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