Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Injustice #21 Review

Injustice 2 #21

Writer: Tom Taylor
Art Team: Bruno Redondo, Juan Albarran, Rex Loxus
DC Comics Digital First
Release Date: August 29, 2017
Cover Price: $.99

This Conner Actually Scores a Knockout

It must be Tuesday because Injustice 2 is back to provide that new comic book fix a full 24 hours before anybody's actually allowed at the store. Last issue ended with little Conner handling the ‘bad’ Batman in a very unexpected manner.  So where does that leave our group on their path to escape out of Ra’s fortress … let find out.

Things start this week with a flashback to years ago which recap the events of Steel’s death.  We see John reach out to Natasha just prior to the bomb going off in Metropolis as they share his final moment.  Catching up with events of the current day in age of this universe Natasha, now Steel, looks on making sure all goes smoothly at the President Elect’s Inauguration Day.

From there we check back in on our cliffhanger from last issue, as Conner blasting ‘bad’ Batman with his version of the Canary Cry has attracted the attention of everyone in the vicinity.  All the Suicide Squad and the heroes here to rescue the kids (plus Alfred) merge to the same location.  

Unfortunately for this group of baddies they are distracted by Harley’s nonsense excuse, then easily handled by the likes of Green Arrow, via boxing Arrow which is never not awesome, before Black Lightning takes over to fry the brains out of the rest.

Black Lightning and Green Arrow are sent with the kids, and Wildcat, ordered to get them to the teleporter and to safety as their main priority. Batgirl, Plastic Man and the rest of the group stay behind to track down Batman, which Harley volunteers to help with, before looking for an exit of their own.

Meanwhile if you remember from last issue, Batman is stuck in the vines of Poison Ivy, which leads to this issue's cliffhanger, and let's just say Batman (the real one in this instance) is done messing around.

Overall this is another solid entry into the weekly Injustice digital first collection with a few solid sequences of action and callouts but ultimately didn't move our story forward a whole bunch. It was nice seeing all the kids find safety finally though so at least some needed closure was had.

The art continues to be impressive each and every week but hopefully we get out of Ra’s dungeon soon enough so the artist can have some fun in some new setting as well.

Bits and Pieces

Chapter 21 is another solid addition to the Injustice 2 series. We get some forward momentum towards our heroes mission and an awesome boxing glove arrow cameo … all well worth $.99.



  1. This was an okay issue, I actually want to see more from Natasha(Steel) and not lamely written Aqualad.

  2. Ya Aqualad go all the talking parts there it was strange after just highlighting our new Steels motovations. Im tired of this Ra's bunker too get OUT OF THERE NOW! Still love the series tho.

    1. I'm thinking we will be there maybe another issue until Batman finds Alfred and Fights Ras.