Monday, August 28, 2017

Daredevil #25 Review - Marvel Monday

It's not so Supreme is it?

Written by: Charles Soule
Art by: Alec Morgan
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 23, 2017

Soule's DD run has really fallen off the rails as of late. It has been plagued with fill in artists that were odd choices and these odd choices have been put in at odd times during the run. The pacing in the run as a whole has been off too, in my opinion, with to many lulls in the over all story. It also has to many boring talking scenes that, at first, feel like they are going to be important in the over all story but then they just come up short of being that. It almost feels like Soule is just the stop gap for a new writer. Like he is just suppose to get DD's life back in order. As if Soule's marching orders handed down from up high were, "get all the pieces in place characterization be damn."  I get that feeling because all the side characters and the villains feel like cookie cutter carbon copies of themselves. This conspiracy theory is the logic I use to keep myself buying and reading this comic every time it comes out.

We open the end of the Supreme story arc outside the Supreme Court Building in Washington D.C. Matt and Foggy are in awe of the fact that they are here. Matt asks Foggy to describe what it looks like cause you know Matt is blind. Foggy decides to describe it using one word Fantastic. Thanks Foggy your a real pal.

Foggy and Matt got back together last issue. When Matt apologized  for being a dick. Which was good for Matt because he really needed his friend to help prepare him for this case. And it's because of that fact what happens next is really weird to me.

Matt and Foggy take a moment to talk outside the courthouse. Matt shows to Foggy that he is still a dick and hasn't changed cause he is still lying or at the very least not giving him the whole story right away.

Matt tells Foggy that he threw the last appeals case cause he wanted it to go in front of the Supreme Court. I will ignore the fact that only a small percentage of cases even get seen by the Supreme Court. But I can't ignore the fact that Matt and Foggy were probably preparing for this case for at least a month. Matt didn't tell Foggy that fact the whole time? That is a dick move! Matt explains he did it just because if it works the Supreme Court can make it the law of the land. Because of that this was all worth the risk.

We leave there to a shitty bar in Baltimore where Tombstone is hiding licking his wounds like a pussy. Tombstone, who has been portrayed over the years as an underworld badass with fast reflexes, super strength, street fighting capabilities, a high resistance to physical injury, with skin capable of withstanding high caliber bullets and fire, apparently he needs time to heal from a whiskey bottle being broken on his face. Kingpin makes a surprised phone call to the bar owner to tell Tombstone to get his ass in gear already and kill Matt at the Supreme Court. Kingpin supplies Tombstone with a rocket launcher to achieve this feat.

Back at the court house we see that Matt only needed Foggy for a ride there. Because Matt is alone with Legal in the lawyer's lounge. Where they have a moment to verbally feel each other out. Matt tests a theory out and asks Legal if Kingpin is his employer and because Matt can hear Legal's heart accelerate he knows that to be fact.

We then enter the court room both Matt and Legal have 30 minutes to present their arguments and sway the judges. The judges can stop you at any time and ask you questions. Matt goes first. He has requested to use just 25 minutes at the beginning, reserving 5 minutes for rebuttal at the end.

This is what I was really excited for in the first issue of this arc.(iss.21) I was excited for some legal jargon and we have been given barely any.

Matt starts to address the court he puts his first argument forward. And then I turn the page and Matt is struck in the face with a gavel. I am like WTF at this point. I thought I missed a page. To make the legal battle more exciting they decided to make it a fight sequence between Matt and the judges. Matt gets his ass kicked with every argument he presents. Just when Matt is almost down for the count it turns to Legal's  turn. Legal's 30 minute turn is boiled down to three panels. Which gives this part a perceived pacing issue. Maybe it could be just written off as Legal's over confidence but it doesn't come off that way to me. Since his 30 minute argument is shorter then Matt's 5 minute rebuttal.

Matt pleads with the court not to be afraid of change, and to try to turn into the skid so to speak. The heroes are here to stay, help them help to help you. There needs to be new laws cultivated to make way with that fact and the time to start is now. I really liked this part of the comic it invokes hope.

We jump to 10 days later. Where the expositional news network informs us the reader and Foggy Nelson of the fact that, " in the ruling of the historic People v. Slugansky case a 7-2 decision is made that extends specific confidentiality protections to members of the super hero community." Matt actually did it he pulled it off.

But...what happened to Tombstone? Well apparent he just sat in the Baltimore bar that Kingpin owns for 10 days straight. He was waiting for Wilson Fisk to call him. Tombstone figures that Kingpin will be to busy dealing with the outcome of the court case to be able to do anything to him. That is why he did nothing.

Bits and Pieces:

The art is pathetic with little to no backgrounds. Every one's face looks like a used catchers mitt. It certainly isn't worth 3.99$ an issue kind of art. The story better this issue. I feel like the only well thought out moment was Matt's five minute rebuttal though. I really think this story would have been better served as a foot note unfolding slowly through out Soule's entire run on Daredevil. Instead of its own stand alone story arc.


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