Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Aquaman #27 Review and **SPOILERS**

Crime and Grunyan Runs

Story By: Dan Abnett 
Art, Color and Cover By: Stjepan Sejic 
Lettering By: Steve Wands 
Cover Price: $3.99 
On Sale Date: August 16, 2017


Back to the seedy, sandy underbelly of Atlantis, where freakish mutants run a world of crime that involves…I dunno, fish prostitution? I don’t know enough about the day-to-day operations of Atlantean life to say what the preferred crimes might be. I suppose extortion is always a mafia favorite. We left Dolphin and Aquaman in the clutches of Krunch, the crab-faced crime boss, and I can’t wait to check back in on the situation! So let’s take a look in my review of Aquaman #27, right now!

Explain It!

Aquaman and Dolphin are in the clutches of undersea mafia don Krunch, which is not what the solicit for this issue seems to advertise. All well and good, though, since it’s on par with the way the last issue concluded, Kadaver having taken them hostage after murdering other key members of the Deluge. Krunch has somehow figured out that the mysterious bearded man that looks exactly like Aquaman is, indeed, Aquaman, and he’s going to leverage his hostage to gain more favor with Corum Rath. Remember, that’s the fella sitting on the Throne of Atlantis right now, and who covered the place with an impenetrable Crown of Thorns. Krunch tries to make Aquaman reveal his identity by showing Dolphin in a tank under threat of a gulper, which is like a giant, toothy fish that looks very interested in eating people. Krunch don’t know Aquaman very well, do he?
Meanwhile, Murk leads a bunch of Atlantean guards to find Vulko, who was sprung from aquajail last issue by Mother Cetea of the Widowhood. Mother Cetea also sent Ondine, a disgraced member of the Widowhood, to help Vulko with his coup against Corum Rath. She shows Volko how a member of the Widowhood becomes disgraced when she quietly and expertly murders two members of the royal guard. Ondine tells Vulko they’ve got to find some kind of artifact that can destroy the Crown of Thorns, and Vulko suggests Arthur’s trident would probably do the trick—but Rath has it locked up tight in the royal lockbox! Ondine seems to think this is merely a problem to be solved. At that moment, Mera heads to Titans Tower to speak to Aqualad, better known as Garth, about the tense political situation in Atlantis. She asks if he’ll use some kind of magic he gave up a while ago to break the Crown of Thorns, and this gives him serious agita. Man, everybody seems to hate this Crown of Thorns! I wonder how it remains in place with so much public sentiment against it.
Back to Aquaman, he sends a “vuu vuu vuu” to the Gulper, which makes it less apt to eat Dolphin. This trick is enough for Krush, since only Aquaman can use aquatelepathy. And to show this is true, Aquaman then has the Gulper break through the tank, freeing Dolphin and making its handler look like a real chump. Dolphin and Aquaman swim away while the Gulper chomps away at much of Krunch’s team, except for Kadaver who swims after Arthur, and right into full frontal combat! At the very end, there’s a page where Mother Cetea ruminates on who would be best to succeed Corum Rath after he’s been deposed, and comes up with one name: Mera of Xebel! But she hated Mera like three issues ago! Go figure.
So there are a lot of balls suddenly in the air here, and we’re still no closer to finding out how Aquaman escaped death and an unkind burial at the hands of Murk. I really liked Crunk, both in personality and design, and was glad to spend some extended time with him. But I hope this story arc doesn’t extend itself too much before we get some much-needed answers to obvious questions.

Bits and Pieces:

The plot thickens, and perhaps gets more murky as the waters are ever-muddied...okay, forget this terrible water metaphor. This is a pretty solid issue that looks cool, but doesn't have any great moments. The mystery of how Aquaman yet lives persists, and we get some new questions and developments besides. Hopefully this all comes to a head next issue.


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  1. I'm jumping back into Aquaman after a few months absence. Not enough has changed that I can't follow what happened, but enough has changed to capture my interest. While not a lot happens in this book, I really enjoyed visiting Atlantis' underworld. Especially with Kadaver and Krush being my guides. There was a Mos Eisley cantina feel to it. Dan Abnet is one of those writers who seldom fail and seldom wow, but the art really takes it to another level. Stjepan Sejic's art and coloring is right up there with Juan Ferreyra. It's a 7 for me.