Thursday, August 17, 2017

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 8/16/17

Back On the Chain Gang

I was away on vacation last week, so I didn't do a list of the Best Covers. Sorry about that! With all the comics-related stuff I get into, sometimes this list pops out from under the pile and rolls away into a shadowy corner. Besides, I think it's healthy if comics artists fight furiously among themselves, without an official Best Covers administrator like myself. But I won't let chaos reign! Here's the best DC Comics covers for this week!

Batman #29
Michael Janín
This is like one of those classic Neal Adams or Marshall Rogers Batman covers, where they were actually aping more classic Batman covers by Dick Sprang and Jerry Robinson. Batman, a bunch of villains, a titled angle, a crazy floor pattern--all the elements are here. Even Man-Bat!

Trinity #12 variant
Bill Sienkiewicz
If this cover came out in the Satanic Panic of the 1980s, you know mothers' groups would be up in arms about it. Heck, they may be up in arms about it, now; it's not like they would contact me. But beyond the prodding of Christian literalists, this cover is well-balanced in form and color. Though using a pentagram as a guide is sort of a cheat, considering how old the shape is.

Super Sons #7 variant
Dustin Nguyen
I don't know what makes Dustin so good at drawing superheroes as children, but it's a real talent of his. Is it is the protruding "baby foreheads?" This cover is also fun on the face of it, acknowledging Damien and Jon's tense but real friendship. The nearly white background helps the colorful characters to pop right out.

Batwoman #6 variant
Michael Cho
Oh duotone cover, you'll always make my head turn. Especially when you make a judicious use of black and red. Batwoman looks like a great noir character in the foreground, but I'm more looking at the simply-expressed background using rectangles and rhombuses. Or is that rhombi? I mean the squares that look drunk.

Dark Nights: Metal #1 variant
Jim Lee
I figured one of the five or six variants for this debut issue would make the list, but I didn't expect it to be 1) Wonder Woman, because I am a repressed misogynist who can't fathom the existence of strong, independent women, and 2) by Jim Lee, who is not one of my favorite artists. But this cover kicks ass. Literally, there's Diana kicking ass in front of an explosion. It looks absolutely terrific. And I was just kidding about the misogyny, I merely thought that this was going to be more a Batman-centric tale (which it does not appear to be.)

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