Monday, August 14, 2017

Jean Grey #5 Review **Spoilers** - Marvel Monday

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Writer: Dennis Hopelss
Artists: Anthony Piper, Jay David Ramos
Letterer: VC's Travis Lanham
Cover Artist: David Yardin
Release Date: August 9, 2017
Cover Price: $3.99

Jean has more training to tackle if she's going to get over the Phoenix Force knocking at her door. Next to the debut of Charle Soule's Astonishing X-Men, Jean Grey's solo series has become the only X-Men Resurrxion title worth picking up every month. Lets jump into the team up issue, featuring two of the strongest female X-Men characters in the game currently.

Dennis Hopeless continues Jean’s training and this time she hooks up with Psylocke, for a mental evaluation. When Jean becomes impatient with Psylocke’s mediation approach, with the help of Pickles bamf’s the trio to a punk show. Since Jean can’t seem to find her chi in silence, Psylocke thinks it’s best to provide a chaotic-type environment, thinking that’ll help Jean. When Jean attempts to digs deep within herself to construct a psi-weapon, a concert goes opens the pit knocking her off balance. To her favor though, her anger leads her to lash out, allowing her to create a psi blast knocking out the punks in the pit. With a fist bump from Pickles in the distant, Psylocke turns to Plan C.

Pickles is really making up for his lack of screen time since the series started, he bamf’s the group to another darker location, deep in the caverns where the Mole Monsters dwell. If it’s fear Jean needs to reach her full potential, Psylocke will exploit that. When Jean trips herself, allowing a Mole Monster to get the jump on her. Jean serves up a couple psi-stakes to drive through the vampire’s head. Still outnumbered Psylocke has to step in and slice up several monsters and call on Pickles to teleport them the hell out of there.
The final level has the team on top of a building in Madripoor, which houses the largest Hand resurrection chamber. How does Daredevil not know about this? Maybe he tasked Psylocke to handle the issue. Although she passes it down to Jean, so her and Pickles can enjoy sushi on the rooftop. Jean is tasked to set several charges throughout the building to blow the place. This is also an opportunity to have Jean take on a tactical mission, allowing her to use all that she’s learned fully to activate her psi-weapon on the fly. But Jean still finds herself surrounded and outnumbered by The Hand. When Psylocke comes to get Jean out of a sticky situation again, Psylocke is surprised to find Jean was able to overcome her predicament. While all this is happening though, there’s a voice in Jean’s head interfering with her mission. This time it’s not the Phoenix Force knocking at her door.

Jean Grey continues to the be the most consistent and engaging ongoing X-Title. As readers, we’re following Jean’s footsteps as she finesses the new power inside her. Yea, her dialogue can come very silly at times and doesn’t seem to fit the O5 Jean Grey we know. But I have to consider the fact, since being stuck in this era. She’s probably picked up a lot of references from the garbage TV in the universe timeline. Maybe there’s a chance by the end of the next arc, Jean will become a more mature character to lead her X-Men team. I can't help but think RPG games influenced the story. She continues to gain experience points with each level she passes through. The Hand building is where she cashed in and gained the most points.

Psylocke takes a back seat in her approach to training Jean. With a little bit of guidance, Psylocke existentially throws Jean right into the mix and forcing Jean to learn how to swim on her own. She’s pretty laid back the entire issue and comes off stoned out of her gourd. Which by the end, unfortunately, Psylocke’s dialogue comes off a bit wooden. Someone get this lady coffee, she’s zoning out.
The art team does an amazing job of changing up the style from the last issue, to fit the vibe of Psylocke’s appearance and role. How is it Jean Grey, not a flagship title, even with an art change, still has better and consistent art than any of the flagship X-Titles? 
Bits and Pieces:
Don’t sleep on this title and give young Jean a chance.


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