Monday, August 14, 2017

Marvel Monday's Marvelous Covers - Week of 8/9/17

Marvel Monday's Marvelous Covers - Week of 8/9/17

Well you get what you ask for Get Fresh Crew! Nobody, and I mean nobody, submitted any covers this week, so that means you left me to my own devices.  Go ahead and ask my girlfriend how dangerous that can be ... but be prepared for an answer that my span over one weeks time.  Now these covers are all hand picked by yours truly, (that means you know there good) so go ahead and @ me if there's any issues or anything I overlooked, just be prepared to take it to the Twitter octagon!

True Believers Tales to Astonish: Groot
Cover Artist: Jack Kirby

Well its Kirby month everywhere you look and the True Believers lineup for Marvel this month is making sure you recognize that!  This looks to be a Groot-centric adventure and from the looks of it I think you may understand why our pal Groot has undergone a redesign of sort lately. 

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again #3
Cover Artist: Giuseppe Camuncoli

There goes Deadpool back on his bullshit AGAIN! However in all seriousness you got to love crazy Deadpool at his most insane when hes going after everyone no holds barred, this cover gets that point across to a T!

Edge of Venomverse #4
Cover Artist: Francesco Mattina

Lets see what kind of mash up we have going on here and examine it for a second shall we. We got Old Man Logan, Devil Dinosaur, and everyone covered in a Venom Symbiote all fighting each other, just on the cover?! TAKE MY MONEY!!!!

Old Man Logan #27
Cover Artist: Mike Deodato

Well look at what we have here, another cover featuring Old Man Logan.  I told you don't let me pick em all but you went ahead and let me do it anyway.   I don't think Ill get much argument here though on this beauty by Deodato.  Old Man Logan with claws and guns enough said. 

REMEMBER EVERYONE! Holler at me, legit yell at me, throughout the week if you see something that catches you eye and we'll get it up here for ya! @bmur3660 ... til next time. 

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