Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Trinity #12 Review

Dark Lights/Bright Nights

Written by: Rob Williams
Art by: V. Ken Marion, Ray McCarthy, Dinei Ribeiro and Josh Reed
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 16, 2017

We keep going back and forth to the Dark Trinity story, even jumping from Cullen Bunn to Rob Williams in the process.  While I was not hip with the beginning of the story, it has gotten better as it went along.  Now it is time to get it going for real and I am pretty excited.  So, is it good?  Let's find out...

The issue opens with both Constantine and Zatanna meeting up in Gotham.  Actually, meeting up is a stretch as they've both been contacted by Batman and before they go any further, Deadman shows up as well.

The three then meet the Trinity and find out why they are there...Red Hood is possessed by demons and the other two Outlaws are on their way.  Deadman tried his best to free Jason, but it's an epic fail that ends with a dark prophesy and Deadman and Zatanna getting swallowed up!

That's when Constantine steps up to the plate, throws some Stoke City shade and then a little music commentary to boot.  Seriously ,though, where Jason lies is hardly Genesis before Peter Gabriel left, but I concur that if he was, Punk Rock would win the day!

The scene continues with Constantine stepping into Jason's stretched out mouth (trust me, it makes more sense in the issue!) right as Bizarro and Artemis show up.  Yea they are possessed as well, but that doesn't explain why this Bizzaro is talking in the classic, backwards, messed up way that the Bizarro in this continuity does not.  They look cool, but the dialogue threw me off a lot!

As they fight the evil duo, Red Hood gets free and let's them know what's what...they are going to sacrifice Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman to release hell from the Pandora Pits.

We then go back a bit to see Circe and Ra's welcoming Red Hood and the Outlaws and then trapping them with the Pandora Pits and turning them into their demon versions.  It's really nothing different than anyone would imagine, but I guess Rob Williams wanted there to be no doubt.  The issue ends with a cliffhanger that may not have been shocking, but it looked cool as hell.

This was an okay issue to start the Dark Destiny arc.  Rob Williams starts it off slow, but by the end, things really heat up.  The Bizarro dialogue is pretty much unforgivable and while some may think it's just a minor issue, I took points off my final score because of it.  I may not be the "Continuity Kid" but I have my limits!

I loved  V. Ken Marion's art and while Constantine may have been a bit too thin in the face for me personally, everything else looked kick ass!  The demon versions of the Outlaws were the highlights...they looked so awesome.

Bits and Pieces:

Even though this issue was packed with action, it still felt like a slow start to the Dark Prophecy arc.  Adding Zatanna, Constantine and Deadman was cool, but it stole a bit of the Trinity's thunder.  V. Ken Marion's art is good enough to carry the issue and while I was a bit disappointed with the start to this arc, I'll be back next month for the art and hopefully more.



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  2. I was on the fence about getting this and according to jim the Outlaws are miss handled. BIG Pass for me then, There just using the Outlaws to shit on to make the regular trinity book seem better by comparison. No thanks.

    1. I don't think he implied that at all. If anything, the reviews (not just this one) are saying that the trinity didn't play much of role compared to the JLD and Outlaws.

    2. Bizarro is way off...this is not the Bizarro in the Outlaws book and that did upset me