Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye #11 Review and **SPOILERS**

Eye For an Eye

Written By: Jon Rivera 
Story By: Gerard Way & Jon Rivera 
Art & Cover By: Michael Avon Oeming 
Interior and Cover Color By: Nick Filardi 
Letters By: Clem Robbins 
Cover Price: $3.99 
On Sale Date: August 16, 2017


I have been wondering about that android woman that the Cave Carson from another dimension made at the end of last issue—is it Mazra? Red Tornado? A mixture of both? I hope we’ll get some answers in my review of Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye #11. And hey, we’re in luck! The review is right here!

Explain It!

So it turns out that android created in the alternate universe, by that world’s Cave Carson and Doc Magnus, and using information gleaned from our Cave Carson’s cybernetic eye—it’s Mazra, his dead Muldroogan wife. Or a being based on his memories of her, which is fairly well close enough at this point. The idea is that only someone with Muldroogan royal blood can defeat the Whisperer and stop its rampage across the multiverse, which is a callback to the very dungeon in which the Whisperer had been imprisoned needing to be opened by Muldroogan royalty. That time, Paul Borstein used Cave’s father-in-law, the King of Muldroog, to crack the Whisperer cage…but I seem to recall that Cave’s daughter and half-Muldroogan princess Chloe could also open those massive stone doors…hmm…
While Paul Borstein is being mutated into some horrible being within the Whisperer, now a gigantic Vaughn Bodé character attended by two equally giant zombies with erections, Alternate Cave further explains that they sent cybernetic eyes around the Multiverse to find someone that could defeat the Whisperer, and one of these eyes found its way into Our Cave’s right eye socket. Furthermore, they then guided his life in such a way that he would wed Mazra and have a ton of memories with her, which could then be used to make a Mazra robot. Or something. Point is, this Mazra android is the only thing that can clobber the Whisperer. Why they didn’t appeal to the actual Mazra when she was alive, or even kidnap her since subterfuge and manipulation are part of the current plan anyway, I’ve no idea. To make matters stickier, Alternate Cave’s honey Christie Madison is glad to see our world’s Johnny Blake alive and well in her reality, which would jibe with their relationship in the Silver Age stories. Their relationship, like that explanation, is complicated.
But no time for romancing, it’s time to fight the Whisperer! And fight, er, her Mazra does, after Wild Dog takes out one of the giant zombies’ heads with a missile. Hey, he had to do something in this issue! Mazra is able to knock the Whisperer with powerful punches, which the Whisperer did not expect, so she hocks an actual purple loogie at Mazra, then waps her deep into some crater or something. The group of…everyone assembled is ready to retreat, but now Our Cave! He’s got to go save this android manifestation created from memories of his ex-wife! Sounds perfectly normal to me!
Since the next issue the last before…look, let’s stop beating around the bush here. It’s the last issue. Yes, it “may” come back in the future, the same way a Legion of Super-Heroes book “may” come out any time. Looking at the distributed numbers for this comic, however, it seems unlikely in the near future. And perhaps that’s too bad, but if we get a solid twelve-issue story with the next installment, then I’d say it was a venture worth taking. Visually, this is a really impressive issue, maybe moreso than the last couple. I’m hoping this thing finishes strong because it’s been a pretty cool ride to this point.

Bits and Pieces:

This comic has rounded the last corner of its final lap, and it looks like we might finish strong. While we have spent too many single issues on a specific story, this will make a solid couple of trade collections...which may have been the intention all along. Not to dismiss the fun of it! This comic is a good time but trade-waiters may feel even more for it.


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