Thursday, October 26, 2017

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 10/25

Some More Mora

Boy, there were plenty of books from DC Comics this week, but it was tough to find five covers worth mentioning! Not that all of them were bad, but very few of them grabbed me. The five below were the best of the week, no fooling around! Or arguments!

Suicide Squad #28 variant
Whilce Portacio & Alex Sinclair
This cover is actually directly related to the story within, depicting Harley with the Red Wave, which was the first thing that the original Silver Age Suicide Squad encountered. Thing is, we didn't see the Red Wave in this issue. That's okay, though, I like Harley Quinn's goofy smile and how you can pretend her jetpack smoke is really fart fumes. Nice composition and color, but really the fart fumes put it over the top.

The Kamandi Challenge #10
Francis Manapul
I'd certainly cross the street to look at some Francis Manapul art any day of the week, but this cover is especially striking because of the color palette and, of course, an anthropomorphic beaver. I also dig the jagged Kirby lines on the floor, it's a nice touch in homage to the guy that created this whole shebang.

Batgirl #16
Dan Mora
 Ooh...this cover's got the purple heroes standing out against the red background, it's got great composition, and it's got a snake! The motion of the cover follows the snake, which creates an edge for (what I can only assume is) the Red Queen. The variant of this was a red-and-black duotone cover, and I know that last week I said I am a sucker for duotone covers, but shut up! I like this one better this week, okay?!

Teen Titans #13
Dan Mora
This is so colorful, I almost mistook it for an issue of Teen Titans Go! But no, this is our regular team, and this cover does a pretty good job showcasing them. The composition is sort of a lay-up, since it's contrasting concentric circles, but hey, it didn't appear all by itself. Someone had to make it, and that someone is Dan Mora, who made the list twice this week!

Detective Comics #967 variant
Rafael Albuquerque
And here's the best cover of the week by far, a stark, two-tones reminiscence of A Lonely Place of Dying, or really any scene in a Batman comic where a Robin lies prostrate. It happens quite often. Albuquerque lends a nearly photographic quality to this image, which looks pretty terrific.

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  1. I think I liked the cover to Teen Titans more than the issue itself! Dan Mora is great on covers, DC should give him some interiors!