Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Justice League of America #17 Review

So Small

Written by: Steve Orlando
Art by: Ivan Reis, Julio Ferreira, Oclair Albert, Marcelo Maiolo and Clayton Cowles
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: October 25, 2017

It's time to finish up the Panic in the Multiverse and I am soooo glad!  Yea, I'm not glad because I can't wait to see how it all wraps up, but glad because it's been complete and utter garbage!  It's gone on way too long and really, nothing that has happened has been even remotely good.  So, how is the ending?  Let's find out...

The issue starts with more and more nonsense.  Aut shrinks the JLA because Ray explains his Bio Belt is "primitive, like my first, back when if I shrunk other people".  Yea, that is an exact quote!  For some reason, Ryan says they will explode and it's fight on with Ray and Ryan versus Aut while the tiny Justice League of America looks on.

Aut then gets back to destroying the Microverse and Ryan thinks Ray is not looking at the problem the way he does.  Kind of like Moz Ga, you know.  While Ray restores the JLA, Ryan grabs Aut and shrinks down.  The problem with all of this is there is no suspense or tension in this scene whatsoever.  Sure, Ryan's belt is broken, but that didn't matter any other time he used it so why should this be any different?

Ryan then shows Aut that if you shrink down, the Microverse damage isn't so bad and can be stopped.  Aut doesn't agree and then...well. something happens, but I was just left confused.  It seems that Orlando is trying to tie this story into the greater mysteries of Rebirth and possibly Doctor Manhattan, but it just felt forced and silly here.

It's all wrapped up without further explanation and continues with Ray meeting back up with Preon who is "not unsore" and Ray and Ryan talking a lot of would-ofs, could-ofs, should-ofs and it all ends with Ray telling Ryan he is the one true Atom.  What?!?  We went through this fucking trash fire of a story and don't get Ray Palmer back???  Fuck Me!!!  We leave the Microverse with a Blue Jay name drop (really?!?!) and Batman mentioning the Button to Ray.  He wants him to study "some things" in the Microverse.  Oh, some things, huh?!?

The issue ends in the Sanctuary with an odd handshake between Vixen and Batman and then in the Ghost Zone where Afterthought meets up with another Steve Orlando favorite from his Midnighter run and all I could do is shake my head and wish for better.  Maybe the Might Beyond the Mirror can help me there!

This issue is a garbage ending to a garbage story nestled in a garbage run.  I don't know why DC keeps letting Steve Orlando run characters and teams into the ground, but they need to wake up and make a change now!  This book is a kick to the groin that just keeps hurting me every other week.  Someone stop the madness!

Ivan Reis' art is okay here, but it is nowhere near his best work.  It doesn't take away from the overall score, but unfortunately, it doesn't help it either.

Bits and Pieces:

This was supposed to be one of the biggest stories in Rebirth.  It wasn't.  It sucked.



  1. that final line was savage. well played @Jim this was pants!

  2. Agreed, this and the return of Tim are huge letdowns.

  3. I feel like the DC books at this point in time just want to release as much books as they can without really caring if the content is good or not. They doubled down the books but the quality of the story telling is garbage. I feel like they're missing the life of what dc really is all about. Oh wait... i think ive heard this line before, oh yeah its before that rebirth relaunch, aka not a reboot. Its all just a big cycle of dc. What a surprise. In maybe 3 to 5 yrs time, just you wait, there will be another relaunch.