Tuesday, October 24, 2017

PREVIEW: Mother Panic #12

Violet's Final Page

Written By: Jody Houser
Art By: Shawn Crystal
Colors By: Jean-Francois Beaulieu
Letters By: John Workman and Shawn Crystal
Backup Writer: Jim Krueger
Backup Pencils: Phil Hester
Backup Inks: Ande Parks
Backup Colors: Trish Mulvihill
Backup Letters: Deron Bennett
Cover By: Tommy Lee Edwards
Variant Cover By: Joelle Jones and Laura Allred
Cover Price: $3.99
On Sale Date: October 25, 2017

With the true face of an old friend revealed, Violet Paige must fight her way free or risk Mother Panic becoming a part of Gala’s grisly art exhibit. Back at home a disturbing revelation about Rebecca’s mental state comes to light. Includes the finale of “Gotham Radio” by the acclaimed team of Jim Krueger and Phil Hester!

I think this might be the end of this series folks, so lap it up! Enjoy some preview pages for starters! 

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