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Mighty Thor #700 Review - Marvel Monday

Mighty Thor #700

Writer: Jason Aaron
Art Team: Literally Everyone
Marvel Comics
Release Date: October 18, 2017
Cover Price: $5.99

Toothgnasher is Bae … R.I.P. Toothgnasher

Well Thor has reached issue #700, ironically right around the same time a new movie drops. With this new huge number comes a celebration of Thor’s and a double sized issue so let's dig into this behemoth and unpack what all these Thor’s are up to shall we. Fair warning though this issue will jump around A LOT! So bare with me as I do my best to keep you informed about exactly where and when we are throughout the story.

We start the issue with a splash page panel but I have no idea what is going on with the lower half of that picture? So anybody who does feel free to let me know, however it does start the narration to this story that will continue throughout the issue and then away we go ….

  • Nornkeep - roots of the world tree.
    • Thor, with Toothgnasher and Thorii, discuss matters with Karnilla, Queen of the Norns.  She has summoned Thor here because someone (Malekith) seeks to slay the Fates themselves.
    • She fills him in him on the whys of the plan, basically Malekith would be free to forge their own futures, no matter the consequences.
    • All the sudden the attack begins Thor and company run to defend the grounds.

  • Midgard - Earth with Jane Foster
    • Confusion runs rampant for me at the start as Jane Foster Thor stands atop a pile of rubble with a hot dog stand above her head. The crowd confuses it for a bus? What the hell is going on.
    • Anyway She-Hulk enters the picture and she is one pissed chica hitting Jane with Fire Hydrant, and going full Banner on her in a female version of Hulk vs Thor.
      • The fight goes back and forth before we flashback to Jane in the hospital arriving for a chemo treatment where we see how this all begin … with Jennifer Walters flipping out in the hospital.  
    • She Thor flies She Hulk out of the area to stop the damage.

  • Asgardia - city of the guards
    • Volstagg is being taken to jail/counseling to think about what he’s done with the War Hammer.
    • Speak of the devil, the War Hammer comes barrelling thru the ceiling, and Volstagg goes lunging for his ol’ pal … turning back into War Thor.   

  • FLASHBACK - Midgard (Earth) 896 A.D.
    • Although the art looks like it was ripped out of a Disney version of a Thor comic book for children the story is mildly interesting enough.
    • A young Thor goes through various trials trying to prove himself worthy and seriously if the art was better I would love these snippets so much more.

  • New Midgard - Eons from now
    • Thors Daughts cause some ruckus in the skies above.  
    • King Thor on the ground below starts new life, and everyone is back in the Stone Age.
    • Then we see Galactus now called the Black Galactus the Butcher of Worlds with the Necrosword fights Ego in space. Just when Galactus looks like he takes Ego out, Ego takes Galactus out and is now in possession of this Necro power.

  • Jotunheim - Land of the Frost Giants
    • Loki and his real dad come walking out of a Battle, and also the children's art plague strikes the books again at this point.
    • Loki pops, King Laufey, falls down from exhaustion and injuries while trying to get back home.

  • Midgard - Central Park NY
    • Throg (Thor Frog) overlooks the park and notices what I think might be a dead body … not quite sure if this is a problem he's fit to handle.

  • Jane vs She Hulk cont …
    • The fight is taken to an airport.
    • Jane sends Mjolnir to check and see if a building is empty almost getting her head crushed by She Hulk but Thor commands Mjolnir to do … something.

  • Checking in on real Thor cont …
    • His fight also continues trying to keep this area safe from Malekith’s hoard.
    • The big take away here is Karnilla sends the Norns with troops all in different directions and takes all the threads of fate for her own.
    • Karnilla gets a glimpse of everyone's thread and where it's ‘headed’
  • Both fights see a collapse occur almost simultaneously with Nornkeep being chopped out of the sky and the radar tower at the airport collapsing down on Jane with her unable to get grasp of her hammer.  

  • Checking back in on Throg he seems to have cursed a murder with a forever rain wherever he goes. Before then arriving over to the airport and recusing Lady Thor, kind of random unless I missed a connection somewhere. While Loki’s actions healing and protecting his real dad may have finally endeared him a bit to dear old pops.

  • God damnit I wish this story would stop changing every page … Thor arrives to seek out Karnilla but she too seems to have been crushed by the rubble and chaos but before passing says to Thor don't let Jane die.

  • Svartalfheim - Realm of the Dark Elves
    • Malekith reveals in his victory with the Threads no longer a threat to him excited about the Beautiful war coming.

  • In the Deepest Depths of Space
    • Movie tie in alert: Hela and Thanos make out on a mission to kill lots of people.  

  • Midgard again … Jennifer Walters runs away after being 100% a bitch almost killing Lady Thor and I swear she almost steps on Throg. Speaking of Throg he runs into more Rats he thought we’re gone.  Lady Thor flies off she has work to do.

  • Old Asgard - Where Once Dwelled the Gods
    • War Thor arrives after being mistakenly run into in mid air by Toothgnasher … War Thor is about to go at him when a giant THOOM distracts both.  
    • Toothgnasher springs forward attacking and is quickly grabbed by the throat and his head is thrown back at War Thor … RIP Toothgnasher I loved you … as Mangog is revealed.  War Thor attacks and the issue cuts away to a final panel of Lady Thor to be continued.

Overall this was really a good issue I'd recommend which fills in new readers on all the events that are occurring at this moment and where each of the Thor characters stand throughout the universe. I do have some issues with the constant shuffling of the story throughout the issues which could have been done a little better, and a few of the art choices don't really mesh very well with the tone in the story, but overall Jason Aaron and this gala of artists do a good job more than the issue falters.

Bits and Pieces

Thor #700 throws a lot at you throughout the 50 plus pages of story both artistically and story wise while Jason Aaron continues his Thor epic and sets the stage for the future of the title going forward. Despite a few hiccups I’d recommended this to long time fans of the book title as well as newcomers.


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