Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Gotham City Garage #6 Review

Gotham City Garage #6

Writer: Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing
Art Team: Aneke, Kelly Fitzpatrick
DC Comics
Release Date: October 11, 2017
Cover Price: $.99

Fight Night … or was it?

Well I can't hold myself accountable for late reviews for this title anymore because I have no idea when it comes out anymore, digitally speaking of course. Lately it feels like every five days a new issue drops but that was after they had me used to an every other week schedule after the first four issues.  So is this book in trouble of being cancelled and they’re rushing it out to finish or is this all part of the plan, as Joker would say, inquiring minds want to know! Anyway let's get to brass taxes and discuss issue #6 why don't we.

Issue six resumes right where five left off at, with Batgirl and Batman arriving on the scene, trying to put an end to the shenanigans that Harley started last issue, and repeats every year.  After a little back and forth fighting between the the Joker and Batgirl, then Harley and Batman, it looks like the representatives of Gotham City Garage are about to suffer an L at the hands of those who represent Lex and his Domed way of the world.

Just as it looks like Batgirl is about to take Harley away for her crimes, the Joker is able to get the best of Batman, briefly enough, to ‘hack’ the Lex implants in all the citizens, sending out a high pitched frequency to disable and distract everyone, most importantly Batgirl and Batman.  

Harley begins falling from the sky, before being saved by her Hyena’s (who apparently are trained to drive her ‘Bike’) as they whisk her out of harm's way.  Batman gathers Batgirl and tells her, after all this went down, “she going back to the cave … and that's the last time she leaves”.  Batgirl, worried about the riot Harley stated, asks Batman who's going to take care of it, he informs her there is no riot, the ‘Gardeners’ have already taken fixed it as the issue concludes.

Overall, to me, this was a down issue of Gotham City Garage because it doesn't make this version of Batgirl a successful or interesting character to follow going forward, after last issue did a lot of leg work establishing the opposite.  There was no more about Batgirl's place in this world that was delved into, we just get a giant fight and that's it, which ends rather anticlimactically might I add.  Although the art remains strong in this issue, just like last one, it might be the only redeeming part in an otherwise forgettable effort.

Bits and Pieces

Gotham City Garage issue six is a giant fight between the Harley, Batgirl, and Batman that doesn't do much to move the story forward but provides enough eye candy to action fans to make it worth a look.  This felt more like a throw away issue in the series when I'm begging for more of this world to be unraveled.


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