Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Injustice 2 #29 Review

Injustice #29

Writer: Tom Taylor
Art Team: Mike S. Miller, J Nanjan
DC Comics
Release Date: October 24, 2017
Cover Price: $.99

Operation: Themyscira

I’m back to dish the goods on the digital wonders that DC Comics doles out and the best thing about Injustice 2 is you can always count on its Tuesday release date.  Some of DC’s other efforts come and go as they please but Injustice is my Tuesday mainstay for some superhero action.  We’ve been jumping around a lot lately in the story and that is the case in this issue as we’re back to following Damien, Black Adam, and Supergirl. So let's see what these adventurers are up to shall we.

Our issue begins as we see someone and some place that we haven't in quite some time, although they’ve both been mentioned here and there randomly. Ill stop being coy and spill the beans here, we’re on Themyscira and checking in on Wonder Woman.  

Some Amazonian guards bring Wonder Woman her food a quick little skirmish breaks out, Wonder Woman is put back in place, scolded with no food the next day for her actions, before she greeted by another special someone as the guards leave … none other than Ares who has an offer she can't refuse.

On a boat Damien, Black Adam, and Supergirl are cooking up a plan to infiltrate Themyscira.  The big idea here is to make this boat look like it's been shipwrecked so the Amazon’s aid Supergirl who will serve as a distraction for the greater plan, freeing Diana.

Black Adam and Damien hang back to avoid detection, as the boat crashes and the Amazon’s come to Supergirl’s aid.  As Kara wakes up from the crash on Themyscira, she is surrounded by Amazon’s and Wonder Woman in particular, but this is not the Wonder Woman everyone came to see.  It appears the Amazon’s have christened a new Wonder Woman throwing a wrench into the well laid plans so far with our reveal being …. Oops you’ll have to buy the book to find out, but I can tell you I was genuinely surprised.

Overall, this is a very quick moving issue of Injustice 2 that you will be able to get through at a breakneck pace.  I have to admit, not much really happened here, and the jumping around every two issues from story to story is starting to get to me a bit. I personally would like a tad more focus, but the title is still enjoyable, despite all my gripes, and I'm intrigued to see how these decisions on Themyscira move forward.

The art is a joy to thumb through and look at, with all characters represented absolutely looking their best on the page they can, I'd like to start seeing some of these artists on a Rebirth title at some point because they’ve certainly earned that opportunity with the work being put in here.

Bits and Pieces

The story of late has lacked the focus and weight of the previous 22 issues as it settles into developing the story and teams that are being reformed throughout the universe.  While the overall book still remains enjoyable, and art continues to be out of this world, I'm ready for some big time things to start shaking out again.


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