Monday, January 1, 2018

Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider #12 Review - Marvel Monday

Swinging into the 90's

Writer: Peter David
Artist: Will Sliney
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: December 27, 2017

Cover Price: $3.99

Last issue the Slingers kidnapped Cassandra in order to force Ben Reilly to go to the police and confess to brutally assaulting Thorne, a rival casino owner to Cassandra. Ben also has Death chipping away at his conscious using his newly acquired beauty as blackmail. Will the wall crawler continue his crisis of conscious in the clink?

At the Veterans center that Kaine has been hanging out at working on his own journey into the light, we find out the owner is selling. Leaving Kaine desperate enough to turn to Ben for help. Lucky for Kaine, Ben and Ben's financially endowed friend Cassandra need his help.

Kaine finds Ben outside the police station. Ben had just came to the conclusion that going in and confessing to the assault is the right thing to do. Good thing Kaine is there to stop him. Kaine and Slate found out that the Slingers are hiding out in the Thorne Theater. With a team up and the element of surprise they hope to get Cassandra back.

At the theater we find Black Marvel is back and a Hornet is just like a Yellow Jacket when it comes to applying the PYMP hand. Which starts to breed conflict within the New Slingers team.
Ben and Kaine arrive to help drive that wedge deeper, fighting ensues. 

At the end we find out Cyber is back, again. He was Hornet in disguise. We also get told by Dusk that Black Marvel has NO soul and is NOT who he appears to be.

Bits and Pieces:

Peter David continues his 90's web weaving in Las Vegas by elevating the danger levels, by adding a known psychopath!!...well...sometimes you have to burn a city to the ground before you can rebuild it. This issue moved a long swiftly and nostalgically sending me down another whimsical wikipedia whirlpool that sucked away hours of my life, and that is not counting the hours more I will spend reading the material in question on The App. 


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